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OILD: Taiga Biome

Day four! It’s day four of Obligatory Ice Level Day, your one-stop shop event for all your obligatory ice level needs! We’re counting down to the Mario marathon on December 14th, when we’ll be raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation! Tune in for some awesome games and sweet prizes, like handmade wooden item blocks and a Wii U Deluxe! You know, early this year we had a Pokémon marathon that was full of surprises. One of those surprises was when Notch, creator of Minecraft, showed up in the chat! Everyone flooded the place just for a chance to talk to the master himself, and it ended up shutting down the site for a bit. So what better way to remember that awesome moment than to show off the Tiaga Biome, from Minecraft?

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Minecraft 1.6 Trailer!

Great news everyone, fresh off the press from Mojang and on Notch’s twitter feed – we get our first trailer for 1.6 which only reveals one thing, but boy is it a big one.


Maps have been available as a modded HUD in the past, but having one craftable ingame is a big boon to the purists and those ((Myself included)) too lazy to mod the game beyond skins and looks. It’s quite a humourous way to promote it, with the recipe included straight off the bat. While any other features have been kept under wraps, Notch himself said that the fix list is over a hundred, making this possibly one of the biggest updates to the Lego homage yet.

So, ladies and gentlemen – excited? Are your blaise about the update? Or are you one of those not a fan of Minecraft?

Minecraft Heading to iPhone iPad and Android

Have you ever dreamt of the ability to call some one and then immediately after play Minecraft on the exact same device? Well your dreams are about to come true! Minecraft will be heading to iPhone and Android. Get your Minecraft fix fulfilled on the go! And if you don’t particularly need a phone and Minecraft in the same device, you can always get the iPad version.

A date has yet to be locked down, but the developers are shooting for it to hit sometime later this year.

(Source: Kotaku)
(Image Source: Destructoid)

Minecraft is Going Up In Price As It Enter Beta

Minecraft is a bit of a phenomenon the mining and building game where all you use are perfectly cubic block with different properties. It has taken off in popularity with the relatively recent addition of multiplayer. The game is going to be officially entering the Beta phase where the creator, Notch, promises he wil get modding officially supported and continue to add content to the game.

There are two major changes that will be happening when the game enters Beta on December 20th the price will go up to 15 dollars and he is taking our a small clause from the original agreement for anyone who buys the game after the 20th. If you bought the game before Beta you will still get all version of the game including any expansions after the official release for free, but if you waited you will only get up to the offical release for free. This small change isn’t that big of a deal, however if you want to get the expansion free get over there and buy it at the 10 bucks it cost right now.