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NoF Confirms Last Story, Xenoblade Not Pushed to 2012 and Chance of Pandora’s Tower (Update)

While North Americans rally in hopes for a release of three of Nintendo’s latest Japanese only titles, European’s been sitting back and relaxing simply waiting for the release date for Xenoblade Chronicles. But now, Europe gets double the JRPG fun as Nintendo of France confirmed that The Last Story is coming to Europe in 2012.  Unfortunately, Xenoblade Chronicles has been pushed back into 2012 as well. Originally it was announced as “TBA 2011.”

While many would probably be happy just with the JRPG duo, Europe may be taking it a step further. When asked about the chances of Nintendo’s Devil May Cry style Pandora’s Tower, Nintendo of France’s director of marketing, Matthew Minel, said that localization of the title looked “promising,” but wouldn’t officially confirm it.

So it looks like Wii releases will still be pretty bare around the world in 2011 until Kirby Wii, at least we know that European Nintendo fans have a lot to look forward to next year.

Update: Information regarding Xenoblade Chronicles’ delay was a mistranslation. The title is launching September 2nd in Europe.

(Pandora’s Tower quote: GoNintendo)
(The Last Story Confirm: GoNintendo)

NoA Registers Xenoblade and The Last Story Domains

It’s taken awhile, but it looks like Nintendo’s two 2010 RPGs released only in Japan might make it to North America. Xenoblade Chronicles, which was announced for Europe last week, is looking for a likely North American release with Nintendo of America registering xenobladechronicles.com.  We also get our first sign of Nintendo localizing The Last Story with a registered domain by Nintendo of America for thelaststory.com


These are not confirmations, but they are definitely a good sign. I really hope both titles get localized, although I’m still not sure if I’d pick up The Last Story. Xenoblade would be a day one purchase for me though. Let’s hope Pandora’s Tower follows.


(Xenoblace Source: GoNintendo)
(The Last Story Source: GoNintendo)

The Last Story Star Viewing Tower Details; Single Piece of Art

This time around, developers at Mist Walker wrote about a specific location in The Last Story – the Star Viewing Tower.

According to the developers, the stars in The Last Story are most beautiful when viewed from the Star Viewing Tower.  It is a sacred place for people to speak to their guardian stars.

Two characters, who we see in the art, arrive at this location togather where they post talk about their dreams. Both of them have lost their parents from wars, but have still pushed on through life. The developers didn’t reveal the identity of these character – only saying that the tower is an important place for “the girl.”

This week we only get one piece of art. Unfortunate, but you can still find it after the jump as always.

(Source: andriasang)

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Three New Slices of Art for The Last Story

The recent column update for The Last Story didn’t offer much in terms of details except the possibility that players will use a boat for transportation. Otherwise, it basically said the game will have water, hooray!  You can check out andrisang’s dissecting of the column if you’d like, but there isn’t much to see.

What there is to see though is lovely new art work for the title. As with all the other column updates, there are three new pieces of artwork. You can check those out after the jump.

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More Details and Art for The Last Story

We have already heard about the island The Last Story is set on. Now we get to take a look at the city of Ruli (not “Luli” as I said in the last post – sorry about that).

The city of Ruli, which is currently the only prosperous city on the island, is this base city for the game. According to the games director, the town is very large. He explains that most RPGs have wide open pathways and only a few paths in order to keep players from getting lost. The Last Story, on the other hand, will have large amounts of narrow pathways for players to explore. He says that players might get lost, but he encourages them to sit down and wander aimlessly through the town when they get the chance.

As for the visual style of the town, you can check out some of the concept art for the town of Ruli after the jump. The developers visited small towns in France and Italy for inspiration for the sturcture and design of the town.  But since its a fantasy game, the developers  won’t simply replicating what they saw – adding their own style to the town.

The Last Story is a Wii exclusive. You can also listen to a track from the game here.

(Source: andriasang)

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First The Last Story Details; New Artwork and Music

Nintendo and Mistwalker haven’t opened the flood gates yet for The Last Story information, but the official website updated with some new information on the setting of the game along with some new art and music.

The game takes place on Luli Island. The contient is surronded by mountain ranges and the only way to access it is via the heavily fortified island port. The ruler of the island is looking for a way to rise in power and he plans on doing that with magic.

All of the towns are suffering and in poverty, but the town of Luli has remained prosperous. The towns prosperity seems to be related to magic, but the magic is starts attracting monsters.

Metal resources are scarce in The Last Story’s world. Sakaguchi said he is trying to limit the amount of Sci-Fi influences in the title.

You can check out some art for The Last Story after the jump. You can also listen to some of the new music from the website here.


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The Last Story development almost completed

Nintendo is hitting full force with their “announce a game when it is almost done strategy” with The Last Story which was only announced about a day ago.

Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series, made a post over on the official Mistwalker website saying “Production is near the final phase” and says that information on the title will be steadily released leading up to the game’s launch.

Sakaguchi also mentions what hes currently focusing on saying “I’ve got to get back to work on balancing battle system.

The Last Story is currently set for a 2010 release exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.

(Source: Mistwalker JP Website)
(Translation Source: Mistwalker US website)
(Via: andriasang)

Nintendo’s release list shows of new titles; Monado renamed; Sin and Punishment 2 is on NA list (Update)

Nintendo’s release list tells lots of little bits of information. First of all Metroid Other M has a Summer 2010 release. Two unknown Wii games are listed, Kensakusu and 100 Go De Start Eikaiwa, which we have no details on.

RPG wise The Last Story, which was announced earlier, got a listing for 2010 and despite still being listed as Monado: Beginning of the World in North America  it seems the title got a name change to XENOBLADE as you can see in the Japanese release section.

Now for the bad news, if you look at the last release list North America still had Sin and Punishment 2 listed…and now it’s gone. Europe thankfully, still has it listed, but North Americans looking forward to the title should be concerned since it’s not unlike Nintendo to back out of a smaller title like that. That’s all speculation on my part, but still the fact that it is missing is concerning.

(Update: Oh, Sin and Punishment is on the list. Guess i skimmed over it)

Another piece of disappointing news is that Cosmic Walker is no longer listed,  unless it had a name change to Kensakusu or 100 Go De Start Eikaiwa.

You can check out the full list with your own eyes after the jump.

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Nintendo and Mistwalker announce The Last Story

Despite sounding like what could be a localization name for Last Window, The Last Story is far from a point and click adventure. The title is a collberation between Nintendo and Mistwalker, which is headed by Hironobu Sakaguchi creator of the Final Fantasy Series.

The Last Story will be a RPG developed exclusively for the Wii. No other details were announced, but Nintendo launched a website with a logo plastered in the middle of it. There’s also so music from the game on it as well. So if you want to check those out then head on over.

So far Mistwalker has developed a handful of RPGs on the Nintendo DS and two major console titles on the Xbox 360, Last Odyssey and Blue Dragon.