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Family Guy MMO To Go Open Beta Later This Year

No, you are not reading that wrong. Family Guy Online, an MMO, has been announced by Fox.

It will be Free-to-play, browser based and be in full 3D. The game will revolve around doing quests, and you get to create your own character in the style of those in the show. There are also classes that are based on the main characters from the show. Wanna be like Peter? You’re a tank! Want to be like Stewie? You get to play with gadgets!

The most intruiging claim comes from the game’s developer Roadhouse, who say that they are attempting to make a game that appeals to both those that prefer “core” games like Halo and those that prefer “casual” like Farmville, the developer admitting it is a difficult balance. This should be rather interesting – Hidden Gem, or yet another MMO that will go ignored?

(Source: g4tv )

Mad Catz To Branch Out Into Game Making

Mad Catz might not be the first company you think of when it comes to games, but theyve been quietly taking over the peripheral market for sometime now since 1989. Over the years, they’ve acquired other peripheral companies such as Joytech and were trusted enough to create the limited edition arcade sticks and six button controllers for Street Fighter IV as well as special controllers for the last two Call of Duty titles, asked for by Capcom and Infinty Ward respectively.


They’ve built up a healthy capital, and are now persuing the path of creating games, as Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz announced the creation of ThunderHawk Studios. What will the fledgling studios first task be? Creating a Flying Simulator MMO – no, I am not kidding. To quote the Press Release on their website…


“The addition of flight simulation games should leverage the market share leadership and global distribution enjoyed by our flight simulation hardware products,” from Mr. Richardson himself


Will this be a shrewd move, predicting the new fad? Or will this sink faster than a rock?


(Source: www.madcatz.com)

Interplay Facing Bankruptcy, Fallout Online At Risk

We all remember the lengthy battle between Interplay, the original holders of the Fallout License and Bethesda, the new holders of the license over the fate of Fallout Online that’s been going for near two years now. Fans wanting a real trek through an apocolyptic wasteland may be in for disappointment from the latest news out of Interplay.


Recently, Interplay released a financial report that showed losses of over a million dollars, and a total deficit of £2.5 million dollars, with the possibility of bankruptcy mention a few times. While Interplay have filed for bankruptcy in the past, there’s no guarantee for if the developer will die or be reborn. What is also unclear is if the rights to the MMO will fall to Bethesda due to the legal battle, and if it does, that they will rescue the ailing title. If Interplay does get the funding together though, the newest addition to an extensive list of MMO’s is slated for a 2012 release.

(Source: gamerant.com)

EA to Co-Publish Secret World MMO with Funcom

Funcom gained a name in the MMO space with Anarchy their sci-fi themed MMO from quite a long time ago. More recently they release the, lets say underwhelming, Age of Conan and are seeking to release a 3rd MMO. Secret World seems pretty interesting in that it’s set in modern times and has you facing off against the creatures of the night. The only issue being that there is no big property behind The Secret World while the currently in development World of Darkness MMO has the combined weight of an entire Table Top game universe.

(Game Informer)

Lord of the Rings Online Revenue Spike From Going Free to Play

Lord of the Rings online is the most recent MMO out there to change their pricing model. By going mostly free to play with some items you can buy and different tiers of service they have doubled their revenue. The highest number of players online at one time has increased by 300% and about 20% of previous players have returned. Just goes to show that if you change your plan and try and compete differently then World of Warcraft more games can make it in the MMO space.

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Realtime Worlds Shutting Down APB Already

All Points Bulletin or APB the MMO from Realtime Worlds, the people who brought us the original Crackdown, is being shutdown. While the news is not suprising in wake of the financial troubles happening at the studio it is very soon to be shutting the game down. The biggest issue here is for fans that may have money tied up in the game. There is no clear news yet as to whether they will be getting refunds or not.

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The Bible has turned into an MMO?

The Bible Online is a new MMO game and is the first to be based on the religious book. The game will be played out in numerous chapter releases, the first one being The Heroes, where you take over the sandals of Abraham and his descendants and lead the tribe of Abraham to the promised land, building villages and managing resources along the way.

The games sort of resembles Age of Empires, and in my opinion if you set aside the religious aspect of things and look on it as a storyline, this has potential to be a pretty good game.

Each chapter covers a book in the Bible and im actually pretty interested to see if this reaches the New Testament times. The browser-based game will kick off on September 6th.

(Source: Unthinkable)

Next Blizzard MMO a New IP

World of Warcraft is the most successful massively multiplayer RPG ever, pretty much blowing every other MMO out of the water in terms of subscribers. But for their next MMO, Blizzard is leaving behind all of their franchise names for a new IP according to Activision’s Bobby Kotick.

Despite having no previous franchise ties, the title will receive an “enormous investment,” said Kotick. Kotick didn’t give any insight on how far along these projects are. So when we see them, at this point, is anyone’s guess.

(Source: VG247)