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Fallout New Vegas Dead Money DLC : Now Available

Great news for Xbox360 owners [*grumbles*PS3*grumbles*]!  You can now purchase the DLC for Fallout New Vegas, entitled “Dead Money” for the rather low price of 800 Microsoft Points.  With new weapons, new characters and new mission material, it’s a great deal that can help extend the already long life of the game.

Dead Money will follow the Courier as he/she finds themselves embroiled in a life/death game in search of a long lost treasure of Vegas.

No word on PC/PS3 release times for the SAME CONTENT.  I wonder how much it would take to bribe Mass Effect’s directors to offer Mass Effect 3 DLC for Ps3 only [thus promoting PS3 sales of the game] and see how THEY LIKE IT.  >:/  [Yes, it’s not very professional to use emoticons, but this situation warrants it.]

Source:  Destructoid

Fallout New Vegas DLC Trailer : Dead Money

As many of you are probably aware, Fallout New Vegas has some Xbox 360 exclusive content heading our way!  Thankfully, Bethesda has recently released a trailer with a sneak peek of what’s to come.  You can check out the full trailer after the jump.

Dead Money will follow the Courier in a gigantic heist, but with a rather gruesome twist upon it involving a nasty neck collar.

Source:  Destructoid

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UK Games Continue To Increase In Price

With the rising VAT rates of the UK economy as the country still is feeling the effects of last years recession (As well as increasign Student tuition fees /politics), Games are likely to be affected the most due to the recent trend in high production values and already unreasonably high prices for all the latest triple A titles (There’s a reason why Gamestation’s used section covers over half the store). The adjusted prices are measly at best: a £250 160GB PS3 will be raised to £255 and a £285 320GB will be raised to £291. This seems petty however it’s part of a larger problem in which larger multimedia buisnesses (Even supermarkets) can pay less VAT due to the large quantity of the products that they stock. This means that they can sell games for cheaper than a conventional game store creating a “monopoly” on the gaming market and hence killing of smaller gaming retailers.

Source: (GameInformer)