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Xenoblade Chronicles gets UK release trailer… released

During the short periods of the time where the citizens of the UK aren’t laughing at unsuccessful efforts to bring over such game as The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower (We call this Project Divine Retribution), they are waiting for the release of the much anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles which is set to hit games stores everywhere (in Europe) on August 19th. In order to satisfy such needs of Wii exclusive JRPG’s made by a company whose games are only liked by one person on the entire planet, the awesome people at Nintendo of Europe unveiled the trailer that will be supplemented with the release of Xenoblade Chronicles. The trailer can be found after the jump and people who are offended by scenes involving British accents in a video game may want to proceed with caution.

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Xenoblade EU Release Date, NA Statement, Footage, CCP, and Correction

I know there’s been a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles posts over the last few days, but I need to make a correction. There was a mistranslation with the french website Nintendo-Master that Xenoblade Chronicles was pushed into 2012. But now we’re hearing that isn’t the case, as multiple sites confirm that the title is still launching this year. The title will go on sale September 2nd. The title will launch alongside a limited edition version that includes a red classic controller pro that matches the color of the blade the main character uses in the title.

While we’re here, there’s some more Xenoblade Chronicles info going around. After the huge explosion that was Operation Rainfall,  IGN is claiming that Nintendo of America is readying a statement regarding Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, which is set to hit either tonight or tomorrow. What that statement holds is unknown.

Also, some European footage of Xenoblade Chronicles has come out, showcasing some of the voice work for the game. Being localized in the UK, all the voices demoed have British accents. You can find the footage after the jump.

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Rumor: NoA Hates You, Me and Xenoblade, Plus Special CCPro for France

Me post time. In case you didn’t already know, Nintendo of Europe is localizing Xenoblade for a release later this year, rumored to be September. With a European localization in the works and Nintendo of America registering the domain name for Xenoblade Chronicles, it would seem likely that a North America release would be on the way. Unfortunately, that may not be the case.

GoNintendo reported that Nintendo of Europe intended on showing the the title off at E3, but said Nintendo of America didn’t want to show case games they didn’t plan on selling, which would point to no localization.  But, if you follow the source, it links back to a forum post only claiming what that the lead France branch manager said something about it on the TV show No Life.  Therefore we don’t have a direct quote to say if the information wasn’t skewed. But honestly, I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo of America after Disaster: Day of Crisis, Another Code R, Last Window, Band Bros. etc.

The bright side to all this is, supposedly, Xenoblade Chronicles is getting a special Classic Controller Pro in France. We’ll have to see if that applies for other regions in Europe as well. Also, there was no mention of it being bundled with the title, but I’d assume it would be.

All of my rage, Nintendo of America. All of my rage.

Xenoblade Voice Actor Tweets Release Month

Nintendo still isn’t ready to talk Xenoblade Chronicles‘ release date officially, but Peter Dickson is! Peter Dickson confirmed on his twitter that he plays the role of Emperor Sorean in the game. At the end of his tweet he said, ” Out Sept.”


So the date could change, but September is as good as month as any. Nintendo of America has yet to confirm the release for North America, but they did register a domain name for Xenoblade Chronicles. So hopefully that will work out.


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Monolith Soft beginning new Project

From their inception, Monolith Soft have has an interesting track recod of games including: Baten Kaitos (Awful), Xenosaga Episodes 1 & 2 (Awful), Xenosaga 3 (masterpiece), Baten Kaitos Origins (Would be awsome if it was released in the UK) and Xenoblade (XENOBLAD). And straight of the release of their last game, Monolith have started work on an unannounced project. They are even recruiting new people for their company such as a new 2D designer and effect designer (No TSG Writers though). A static picture shows a U.F.O object crashed into the ground as the only hint towards the new project. I personally hoping for a PNO3 esque KOS-MOS based action shooter game though it’s open to interpretation.

Source: (Andriasang)

Nintendo’s release list shows of new titles; Monado renamed; Sin and Punishment 2 is on NA list (Update)

Nintendo’s release list tells lots of little bits of information. First of all Metroid Other M has a Summer 2010 release. Two unknown Wii games are listed, Kensakusu and 100 Go De Start Eikaiwa, which we have no details on.

RPG wise The Last Story, which was announced earlier, got a listing for 2010 and despite still being listed as Monado: Beginning of the World in North America  it seems the title got a name change to XENOBLADE as you can see in the Japanese release section.

Now for the bad news, if you look at the last release list North America still had Sin and Punishment 2 listed…and now it’s gone. Europe thankfully, still has it listed, but North Americans looking forward to the title should be concerned since it’s not unlike Nintendo to back out of a smaller title like that. That’s all speculation on my part, but still the fact that it is missing is concerning.

(Update: Oh, Sin and Punishment is on the list. Guess i skimmed over it)

Another piece of disappointing news is that Cosmic Walker is no longer listed,  unless it had a name change to Kensakusu or 100 Go De Start Eikaiwa.

You can check out the full list with your own eyes after the jump.

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