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Xenogears Review

North America, are you sad? You should be. You’re not getting Xenoblade. What? You’re saying that isn’t The Last Story? Hush you. You want Xenoblade and you know it. Too bad, you’re not getting it. What North America does have that those silly Europeans don’t is Xenogears! Released in 1998 by Square-Enix, Xenogears was developed by those who eventually moved on to form Monolith Software, the developers of Xenoblade. While these titles have nothing in common outside of the developers and its name, now would the perfect time to talk about the original PlayStation classic.

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Xenoblade Chronicles gets UK release trailer… released

During the short periods of the time where the citizens of the UK aren’t laughing at unsuccessful efforts to bring over such game as The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower (We call this Project Divine Retribution), they are waiting for the release of the much anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles which is set to hit games stores everywhere (in Europe) on August 19th. In order to satisfy such needs of Wii exclusive JRPG’s made by a company whose games are only liked by one person on the entire planet, the awesome people at Nintendo of Europe unveiled the trailer that will be supplemented with the release of Xenoblade Chronicles. The trailer can be found after the jump and people who are offended by scenes involving British accents in a video game may want to proceed with caution.

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NoA Registers Xenoblade and The Last Story Domains

It’s taken awhile, but it looks like Nintendo’s two 2010 RPGs released only in Japan might make it to North America. Xenoblade Chronicles, which was announced for Europe last week, is looking for a likely North American release with Nintendo of America registering xenobladechronicles.com.  We also get our first sign of Nintendo localizing The Last Story with a registered domain by Nintendo of America for thelaststory.com


These are not confirmations, but they are definitely a good sign. I really hope both titles get localized, although I’m still not sure if I’d pick up The Last Story. Xenoblade would be a day one purchase for me though. Let’s hope Pandora’s Tower follows.


(Xenoblace Source: GoNintendo)
(The Last Story Source: GoNintendo)

Nintendo of America Relists Xenoblade

I’ve had a bad week, so I’m going to do a me post time. A post for me, and maybe like two other people who care. XENOBLAD! Did you know Nintendo removed it from thier release list in North America? Back in November Nintendo removed the title, pretty much spelling the death of the localization.

Out of some miracle, the title has re-emerged. Unfortunately, not giving us anything else really new. The title is still listed under its previous name Monado: Beginning of the New World with a TBA date.

Strange that Nintendo would remove it and then place it back on the release list. Either way, it makes me happy. Maybe at E3! Me post time is over.

(Source: Siliconera)
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Xenoblade Trailer 4 Plus More Footage

Xenoblade! Of course, I am posting this. After the jump you can find the fourth trailer along with random bits of footage from the Japanese Xenoblade Iwata Asks.

The fourth trailer is pretty neat-o-poteto, but sounds like it has the Titanic theme the background.

Xenoblade launches in Japan next week. It has yet to be announced for North America or Europe, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for E3.

(Via: GoNintendo)

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New Xenoblade Trailer and More Videos

After the jump you can find a full 7 minutes worth of Xenoblade goodness! There are three commercials, one lasting 30 seconds and the other two lasting 15 seconds.

The commercials didn’t really show anything new, but the new trailer does. It is a full six minute trailer, and shows you a really well rounded look at the game’s features.

Xenoblade launches exclusively on the Wii in a few weeks in Japan. I’m crossing my fingers that we see a localized version confirmed at E3.  If they don’t, I’ll probably rage, go into denial, and then over time possibly import.

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Xenoblade Battle Details and Footage

Aha! Finally we get some footage and details of the battle system in Xenoblade. It has been almost a year since we have seen it in motion. It may be best to watch the footage first, then read on. Monolith Software’s games battle systems can get quite confusing.

If you know me, I’m a Monolith Software fanboy, or at least of their battle systems. So I’m going to stick the details after the jump, because I’ll probably go into a significant amount of detail.

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Xenoblade Trailer #3

Still no gameplay trailer. I am disappoint. But! We do get a look at some of the more action packed cutscenes. We also get a nice look at some of the enemy designs

Aside from the listing for the title in Nintendo of America’s release list, there is still no word on whether or not the game will be making it outside of Japan.

(Via: GoNintendo)

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Xenoblade Trailer 2

This trailer is a bit more beefier then the last, but there is still no gameplay.

One thing that this trailer really shows is that Xenoblade is a very nice looking game…when viewed from a distance. Once the camera gets close though, the game has blurry textures all over and the character models just look…off.

Of course, graphics aren’t everything. We will have to wait for a trailer of some more gameplay soon hopefully.

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