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Nintendo Officially Announces Expansion Slide Pad and Pink 3DS

The new Expansion Slide Pad(The english name will likely change, as this is a rough translation) add-on for the 3DS has been confirmed by the Big N at their big 3DS Conference earlier, as well as being priced and dated… In Japan, that is…

Well, if you live in the Land of the Rising Sun, it’ll set you back ¥1,500(or about $19) and it will be debuting on December 10th. This expansion requires 1 AA battery and adds a second circle pad and an R2 button to the 3DS, as well as acting as a grip.

As for software support, Monster Hunter Tri 3G will support it, as well as the newly announced Monster Hunter 4, Resident Evil: Revelations, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble, Dynasty Warriors Vs, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Games featuring compatibility with the accessory will display so in an icon on the box, a la Wii titles, and it looks like it’ll at least be more successful than the Wii Speak, although one of the big titles pushing that was a Monster Hunter game as well….

Moving on, Nintendo also announced a new color to the 3DS assortment: Misty Pink. It’s planned to launch in Japan on October 20th, and Nintendo of America and Nintendo UK both were in the dark about the existence of this shade of handheld, with no plans to release it anywhere else in the world anytime soon.

There’s a gallery of both the system and accessory after the jump.

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Lord of Arcana Coming to Your PSP on January 25th

The latest from designer Swery 65 is coming to North American PSP’s in January. The game is essentially a slightly speedier Monster Hunter clone, but I want Deadly Premonition 2 so hopefully this thing will sell some units. This game really gives of a derivative vibe to me and from some people who had interviews with Swery they have said that his heart does not seem in this game. Instead of making this about the greatest game designer of our generation though lets focus on the game. It’s coming from Square Enix and it’s out pretty soon. If you just cannot wait for Monster Hunter Portable Third, maybe check it out.

(Source Joystiq)

HNNNNG What is This I Don’t Even CATS

What? Monster Hunter? No. MonHun Nikki.

Capcom announced this Feyline title back October of last year. It is about cute cats being cute, or something like that. While it looks like there is some Monster Hunting in MonHun Nikki, it definitely isn’t the kind you would usually expect from the series.

As of right now, the title is exclusive to both Japan and the PlayStation Portable.

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Spin off Monster Hunter title heading to PSP


Monster Hunter isn’t really popular in North America. Monster Hunter Tri is supposed to change that but we shall see come release. On the other hand in Japan Monster Hunter is incredibly popular, so the fact that its getting a PSP spin off is probably pretty exciting.

The spin off features the cat like characters from the series and will be  going to be on the PSP. That is about all we know at this point. In the mean time you can watch the cats dance beside the logo.

(Source: Kotaku)