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Moon Diver Hitting XBLA May 4th

Moon Diver has been on PSN for about a month now and in that month, it has recieved various acclaims from its fans as an atypical example of the rebirth of the modern action genre (As with the other major action release of Hard Corps: Uprising). While an XBLA version of the PSN was confirmed, it is only until today that an actual release date has been confirmed. The game will be avaliable on XBLA on May 4th which is interesting considering it comes out on the same day as Treasure’s first original offering on XBLA: Bangai O HD: Missile Fury. For those who haven’t bought the demo for themselves but have access to PSN, A demo is avaliable there to see whether the game if to your tastes or not (It’s definetly a very polarising game as far as 2D scrolling action games go). The game will be avaliable for 800MSP which corresponds to the price of its original PSN release.

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Moon Diver hitting PSN today, Strania hitting XBLA tommorow

As has been mentioned many times before on this site, Moon Diver is a new 2D action game by former Strider creator Yotsui Kouichi that focuses on providing a solid multiplayer and single player experience that appeals to newbies as well as veterans of the genre. The game was released on PSN today worldwide with an XBLA version dated as merely sometime in the future.

Strania is a vertizontal SHmup created by GRev who are most famous for Under Defeat, Border Down and most noticeably, Senko no Ronde. It will be released on XBLA tommorow for the price of 800MSP with some additional DLC released soon after that GRev is currently working on. Unfortunatly, as with every other SHmup not named Mamoru Kun, There is no word of a PSN release for Strania. Both games will have Demo’s avaliable (As of right now, only the Japanese version of Moon Diver has a demo up) and trailers of both games can be viewed after the jump.

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Moon Diver coming to XBLA this April

Next month is set to bee a good month for XBLA. With the release of G Revolution’s latest SHmup: Strania and Capybara games’s Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes beginning in April, those will be followed by Square Enix’s Moon Diver: The next project by Strider creator: Kouitchi Yotsui. The ninja action game has been in development for a couple of years now as a side scrolling adventure games that focuses on multiplayer gameplay and as being as close to Strider 3 as it possibly can. The game will be released on PSN March 29th for anyone who can’t wait for the XBLA release.

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Moon Diver Dives its way to PSN March 29th

Moon Diver (previously known as Necromachina) is the latest project by Kouichi Yotsui, whose previous works include Strider and Cannon Fodder. The game was announced at E3 2010 before being pretty much forgotten by everyone who had interest in it due to delay after delay after delay. Well, good news! Square Enix confirmed today that the game would be released on PSN March 29th, with an XBLA release followed afterwards (normally it’s the other way round).


The game itself is remisicent of Capcom’s Strider (surprise, surprise) which will focus on providing a fun, yet difficult experience to gamers of all creeds. In an bizzare interview where Yotsui was interviewed by THE MAIN CHARACTER FROM HIS OWN GAME!, Yotsui said: “I want everyone to invite their friends and just have fun with the co-op mode. But the single-player mode is serious business. I have no intention of letting anyone escape with their lives. It’s a good game to die!!!”. Nice to see more people taking a leaf out of the Hard Corps: Uprising way of thinking.

Source: (Siliconera)