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TitS coming to Chinese PC’s near you!

While Falcom Fanatics are still eagerly anticipating Ys I & II Chronicles for the PSP, They might also be interested in the PSP version of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky coming out in the near future. To any Chinese games out there, Falcom are working on a PC port of the game that is exclusive to China. The game will feature full HD graphics and it will support control using a mouse, keyboard or a gamepad. Chinese PC ports of JRPG’s aren’t as uncommon as you might believe, the most common examples being that of Suikoden I&II which were never released anywhere else in the world. The Limited Edition of the PSP version will recieve a US release sometime next month.

Source: (Siliconera)

Langrisser and Ys III hit JP PSN

More Langrisser? Ys Please! (I’m so creative). For anyone interested in the PC-98 cult hits, Langrisser: Decendants of Light will be avaliable from the Japanese Play Station Network from Febuary 16th onwards for 600 Yen ($7). Also avaliable that day will be: The obscure horizontal Shmup Aldynes, MegaMan esque platformer Shockma and most noable of all; Ys III will all be avaliable for the same price (Ys III Will be at the premium price of 800 yen ($9.50)). Ys fans will most likely be aware that Ys III was recently remade as Ys: The Oath from Felghana gaining critical acclaim from fans of the series and gaming journalists as well. For anyone interested in these games being released in English, Hudson has been slowly releasing its backlog of Turbografx-16 games onto US PSN however with Hudson’s US branch closing its doors, the future of the games to western gamers is unknown.

Source: (Siliconera)