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Fast Striker gets Iphone Port

Jeez, there’s a lot of news about SHmups today! For those unaware, Fast Striker was a Neo Geo game developed by an independant team of people who missed the glory days where SHmups reigned as full retail releases instead of being pushed into the realm of digital download. The game was released on the Dreamcast last year with much acclaim from various veteran SHmup players who, like the development team, also missed such days. For anyone interested in playing such a gem on the go, NG:Dev.Team released a trailer confirming the game for an Iphone release. The game contains; 6 stages, 3D scrolling backgrounds, 17 music tracks, 4 games modes (including an Omake mode exclusive to the Iphone) 40 CGI enemies, 6 bosses (One for each stage of course) and a 60FPS rate to rival that of CAVE’s IOS efforts. The game is avaliable now and it is compatable with Iphone 3GS and third gen Ipod Touches and upwards. A trailer can be viewed after the jump.

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