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Rings of Saturn

Hey! You know what you love? Mr. Saturn! You what else you love? NOT BREAKING PUBLIC DECENCY LAWS! For these reasons, I’ve designed a Mr. Saturn shirt! You can buy it here, but it’s for sale TODAY ONLY! That means you have less than 12 hours to get yours! And heck, if you want to buy some extra to send as future marathon prizes, who’s to say you’d be wrong…



VG Flash #28 – Hometown

Oh boy! A new cartoon! And it’s CUTE! Who’dathunkit? I shot for “something you could show your parents” but then I remember your parents probably wouldn’t recognize a fried shrimp and a blueberry’s kooky adventures. Unless they were goofy. Which they might be. Where was I going with this? … Oh yeah, nowhere. Anyway, check it out after the cut!

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Sketchin’!! – Ness in Moonside

As the Mother marathon draws ever closer, I find myself in more of an Earthbound-ish mood… What, so you think maybe I’ll find time to draw something NEW? Haha YEAH RIGHT WHAT KIND OF SLOTH DO YOU TAKE ME FOR??? Seriously though, I remember drawing this in the last Mother marathon and I just never submitted or posted it. Well now here’s your chance to see some Mother art that wasn’t as good as the others! Lucky you! The full picture is under the cut, where it belongs.

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Sketchin’!! – Mother marathon art

Greetings, mortals! Well, my computer’s acting a little nicer, so I figured to take this opportunity to show you some of the Mother marathon giveaway art! What’s that? You didn’t know there’d be giveaway art? Well there is! The Earthbound community is so incredibly friendly, and they love fanmade merchandise, so I knew I had to offer up some free art. There are 50 drawings in all: 16 from Mother 1, 16 from Earthbound/Mother 2, 16 from Mother 3, 1 Starman and 1 Mr. Saturn. These will be given to the top 50 contributors! The samples are under the cut.
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Sketchin’!! – Susan G. Komen Mr. Saturn

Hey all! Thanks for helping TSG raise a ton of money for HAFS! And thanks for sticking through the blind run of Metroid Prime 2. And thanks to our players for some great runs! As you know, the Earthbound/Mother marathon is coming up. I hope you like the banner for it! Under the cut is a transparent .png of the Mr. Saturn in the banner. Put him in any promotional material you want! Banners, sigs, icons, you name it! Careful, he’s gigantic! DAKOTA!

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OILD – Winters

Day 5 and we’re getting some new hits. Hopefully this will mean more money for Ally’s House! Now everyone smile and say “fuzzy pickles,” because today’s ice level is Winters, from Earthbound!


Yes, Winters! Home to Snow Wood boarding school, Lake Tess, Brick Road’s dungeon, and Pond Cave. It’s also where you first meet Jeff Andonuts, boy genius, scientist, and member of the Chosen Four who must stop the evil Giygas. When Jeff hear’s Paula’s psychic call for help, he leaves Snow Wood and embarks on his quest. Along the way he encounters the Bubble Monkey, a monkey that loves… wait for it… bubblegum. He and the monkey journey to Lake Tess, where Tessie the friendly plesiosaur lives. Fortunately, Tessie’s cool with carrying Jeff and the monkey across the lake. On the other side, Jeff finds a dungeon built by Brick Road, dungeon fanatic. After passing through it and Pond Cave, Jeff treks past Stonehenge and ends up in the laboratory of Dr. Andonuts, his father. The doctor may not have much of a relationship with his son, but thankfully he has a good enough heart to give Jeff a flying machine called the Sky Runner, which he uses to find Paula and Ness. Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo eventually return to Winters, and there they discover that Giygas’ Starman army has set up a base under Stonehenge. Naturally, the Chosen Four shut down the base. Winters is also home to Rainy Circle, one of Ness’ “Your Sanctuary” locations and one of the keys to defeating Giygas.


Oh baby! It’s today’s wallpaper! Inside the present, there was a full resolution version!

And it really wouldn’t be an Earthbound post on The Speed Gamers’ blog without a shout-out to Starmen.net, the biggest, greatest Earthbound fansite around! Starmen.net is where I first learned about The Speed Gamers. They’ve been incredibly helpful and generous, too! They donated rare EB-themed prizes for TSG’s Mother marathon, which helped them raise $10,586 for the Susan G. Komen foundation! They also run the Fangamer store, which sells wonderful game-inspired products. In fact, a portion of the profits of their Special Forces messenger bag go to The Speed Gamers to help with things like server costs! Really anything from their store would make a great gift for your gamer friends, so check it out! And if anyone from Starmen.net is reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help and for being such a friendly, fun community!

And now for today’s music! In Winters you’ll hear a theme called Snowman. But did you know that this theme actually appears in all three Mother games? Here’s Snowman as it appears in Mother! And Snowman as it appears in Earthbound/Mother 2! And Snowman as it appears in Mother 3! The theme also found its way onto Super Smash Brothers Brawl, so here’s Snowman (SSBB version)!

And if you want remixes, then you’re totally in luck. There’s a whole Earthbound remix album out there. It’s called Bound Together, and it’s fantastic. It has covers of every song found in Winters, so it’s perfect for your ice remix needs. It includes Snowbound, a remix of Snowman by bLiNd. However, there are other great Winters-inspired tunes out there! Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Scientist Boy is another great Snowman remix, this time by Adhesive_Boy.  Brainshock (by Aluminum) is a remix of Tessie!, which is of course Tessie’s theme.

Naturally, there’s the unrelated-but-still-completely-awesome remix Ice Cold Retro, a remix of Sonic the Hedgehog 3’s Ice Cap Zone, by Joshua Morse. Like Frost Bossa, this mix relies on a catchy, fun beat. Like I said in yesterday’s post, Joshua Morse was very helpful and informative about the whole commissioning deal, so we all know he deserves some attention. Did you notice that both he and Posu Yan contributed to Bound Together? What more proof do you need that they’re both rad to the max?