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Rings of Saturn

Hey! You know what you love? Mr. Saturn! You what else you love? NOT BREAKING PUBLIC DECENCY LAWS! For these reasons, I’ve designed a Mr. Saturn shirt! You can buy it here, but it’s for sale TODAY ONLY! That means you have less than 12 hours to get yours! And heck, if you want to buy some extra to send as future marathon prizes, who’s to say you’d be wrong…



Sketchin’!! – Mother marathon art

Greetings, mortals! Well, my computer’s acting a little nicer, so I figured to take this opportunity to show you some of the Mother marathon giveaway art! What’s that? You didn’t know there’d be giveaway art? Well there is! The Earthbound community is so incredibly friendly, and they love fanmade merchandise, so I knew I had to offer up some free art. There are 50 drawings in all: 16 from Mother 1, 16 from Earthbound/Mother 2, 16 from Mother 3, 1 Starman and 1 Mr. Saturn. These will be given to the top 50 contributors! The samples are under the cut.
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Sketchin’!! – Susan G. Komen Mr. Saturn

Hey all! Thanks for helping TSG raise a ton of money for HAFS! And thanks for sticking through the blind run of Metroid Prime 2. And thanks to our players for some great runs! As you know, the Earthbound/Mother marathon is coming up. I hope you like the banner for it! Under the cut is a transparent .png of the Mr. Saturn in the banner. Put him in any promotional material you want! Banners, sigs, icons, you name it! Careful, he’s gigantic! DAKOTA!

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