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OILD Day 5: Blue Cave

Well hello you kids! It’s the fifth Obligatory Ice Level Day. As I promised, this is a level from a game you probably have! That is… if you were watching the marathons earlier this year. Near the beginning of the year, we had a marathon all about indie games. And in that marathon, we got to interview some of the developers of those fine games. Plus, we got to work with  Humble Bundle and gave everyone a chance to own a ton of great games, all for a good cause! That’s why today’s ice level is the “Blue Cave,” from Mutant Mudds!


The story to Mutant Mudds cuts right to the chase: You star as Max, a nerdy kid with a jetpack (as most nerds have), and you arm yourself with a water gun in a heroic attempt to save the world from, what else? Giant evil alien mud mutant-creatures! The game is clearly very retro, but it has a really fun mechanic where you can jump into different background elements. It’s pretty great and you should totally check it out! But then again, you probably already have, since it was part of the TSG Humble Bundle!

I admit, I pretty much drew the card for this stage the moment I hit the first icy cave. And it shows up pretty quickly! The floor is really slippery, which can be a huge problem if you’re not careful. Fortunately, Max’s jetpack makes things easier for you. There are quite a few instant-death spikes, but again, just make use of that jetpack! And try to not slide right into the deadly spikes! Simple as that, right? These caves have no real name as far as I know, so I just call them “Blue Caves” because they’re… blue… and caves… yeah!



So what’s today’s music? Well hmm… how about Ice Cave Chant, from Donkey Kong Country? That was always a favorite of mine, really. And hey, it’s also from a frozen cavern!

And for today’s remix, try out Christmas Cave, an Ice Cave Chant remix by Deimos!

Curious about tomorrow’s level? You should be! And you should also be spreading the word about the Sonic marathon! We’ll be playing a ton of Sonic games Dec. 12-15, raising money for the Rockin’ H Ranch! Hope to see you there!