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Nintendo Download for North America December 7th

DSi owners should be happy to know they are getting a pretty solid title this week, the original Rayman (800 points) which is now on DSiWare.  If that is not your thing though you can always grab Ball Fighter (500 points), Pop Island (500 points), Army Defender (200 points) or myNotebook: Red (200 points) which were also added this week.  WiiWare now has My Dolphin (500 points), MAGNETIS (500 points), Stop Stress: A Day of Fury (800 points), and Flower Works (1,000 points).

While the WiiWare line up isn’t all that special, the Virtual Console got two great 16-bit titles: Street Fighter Alpha 2 (800 points) for the Super Nintendo and Shinobi (800 points) on the Genesis.

Check out the details on each title after the jump.

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