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Chrono Trigger on Virtual Console

If you have been waiting to pick up the original SNES version of Chrono Trigger, you can do so now and so much cheaper! Today Square-Enix added Chrono Trigger to the Virtual Console.  The title will run you 800 points.


Chrono Trigger will offer you a lot of bang for your buck. Not only is it a full length RPG, but you can also complete the title multiple times for different endings.  The title can also be found on the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo DS and is scheduled to be coming to the PlayStation Network  fairly soon.


Of course if you’re too manly for Chrono Trigger, you can pick up Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix. Manly dancing with chibi-anime girls and zombies.  So much manly dancing.


MDK2 and Mighty Milky Way Hit NA WiiWare and DSiWare

DSiWare and WiiWare had some pretty big releases this week. Mighty Milky Way, from the developers behind Shantae series and Mightly Flip Champs, hit DSiWare today for 800 points. You play as the green-skinned Luma who has the ability to blow up and create plants at whim thanks to her magical staff. On WiiWare the Dreamcast classic MDK 2, one of Bioware’s early titles, for 1,000 points. It’s a third person shooter following three different characters fighting against alien race known as Shwang Shwings.


You can find both these titles on Nintendo’s downloadable services starting today.


Nintendo Download for North America

Hey, North America! It’s Nintendo Download time! This week… Eh, nothing really of interest. On DSiWare there is Art of Ink (800 points), Slingo Quest (800 points) and Escape Trick: The Secret of Rock City Prison (500 points).  On WiiWare, Play with Birds (500 points) was added, along with a demo for Fast Draw Showdown.


So yeah, nothing particularly mind boggling here. Where’s Final Fantasy VI? Well, in the mean time you can check out details on each of the new titles right after the jump!



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Nintendo Download for Europe

Hey, Europe. No Virtual Console release this week, but as usual we get some DSiWare and WiiWare titles.  On DSiWare you can find Trollboarder (500 points) and Twist and Match (200 points). On WiiWare you can find Successfully Learning Mathematics Year 5 (800 points), Physiofun Pelvic Floor Training (1,000 points), and a demo for Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots.


Nothing particularly noteworthy from what I can tell. Now excuse me while I train for year 5 of mathematics while pelvic floor training.

Nintendo Download for North America

Even if the Hudson Software we know today is pretty much gone at this point, we can still enjoy the company that was. Today on the Virtual Console, Super Bonk (800 points) is here! The title is the first in the series on the SNES, which was followed by a Japanese only sequel.


Otherwise, this week we have the usual offerings from DSiWare with Anonymous Notes Chapter One – From The Abyss (200 points), A Fairy Tale (500 points), and Absolute BaseBall (500 points). On WiiWare there’s Planet Fish (500 points) and a demo for A Monsteca Corral:  Monsters vs. Robots.


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Nintendo Download of Europe

Europeans get a tiny update this week with only a few releases across Nintendo’s online services. First up there’s a demo for the WiiWare title Soccer Bashi. If you want a actual full game on your Wii this week though, you’ll have to turn to the Virtual Console which is now offering the Super Nintedo title Brawl Brothers (800 points).  And last, but not least, you can get GO Series: Captain Sub (200 points) on DSiWare.


Haven’t seen an update this small since before DSiWare existed so it was only WiiWare and Virtual Console titles.

Nintendo Download for North America

Does playing with a friend’s face sound like an enjoyable twisted pleasure to you? Well then you’ve probably already checked out Faceez in the DSiWare library. Now, with Faceez: Monsters!(200 points), you can add a whole new level of nasty to your best friend’s mug. Perhaps you want something more mature? Check out Simply Solitaire(200 points), or the demo for Dart Rage.

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Nintendo Download for Europe

How do you top Final Fantasy III (VI) on the Virtual Console? You don’t! This week is pretty much just a bunch of random titles thrown out on the service. DSiWare has DodogGo! Robo (200 points, which looks like a game about depressed crash dummy egg or something), Dancing Academy (500 points), and Simply Minesweeper (200 points). On WiiWare you can find Where’s Wally? Fantastic Journey 1 (500 points), Learning Mathematics: Year 4 (800 points), and a demo for Fast Draw Showdown.


Exciting? Eh. If any of the titles do peak your curiosity, you can find full details on each title below. Otherwise, if you haven’t already, just buy Final Fantasy III for 900 points.


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Nintendo Download for North America

Wanted to download Final Fantasy III this week, North America? Nope! But instead you can get Natsume’s Champion Wrestling (800 points). That’s kind of like Final Fantasy, right?


Otherwise, you can check out Arcade Essentials (500 points) and and a demo for Dive: The Medes Island Secret. On DSiWare you can find G.G. Series D-Tank (200 points) and Shapo (500 points).


You can check out the full list of details on each title after the jump.


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Nintendo Download for Europe – Final Fantasy III

Hey, Europe! Miss out the classic that is Final Fantasy III (900 points)? Er, well…. Technically VI.  Now you can get it on the Virtual Console!  If that isn’t enough to make your Nintendo Download week, I’m not sure what else is!

If you don’t fancy yourself old JPRGs though, you can grab Bingo Delux (500 points) on WiiWare, or check out the demo for Learning with PooYoos Episode 2. DSiWare has Castle Conquerer (500 points), 5 in 1 Mahjong (200 points), and Arctic Escape (500 points).

You can check out full details for each title after the jump.

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