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Review: Pokemon Conquest!

Nobunaga’s Ambition never took off stateside (what with it being an in-depth war sim about feudal Japan) but it’s an accomplished series in Japan with installments on many systems ranging from the NES to the Playstation 2. Even with that kind of success, combining the series with Pokemon seems like an odd choice. It’s like combining Age of Empires with Digimon: not necessarily a bad idea, but still bizarre. Despite all this, Pokemon Conquest (literally called Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition in Japan) does an excellent job of blending the simple fighting and training gameplay of a Pokemon game with the deeper mechanics of a war sim, even if it’s sometimes more complex than it needs to be.

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Kirby Mass Attack Review

Like the 3DS, the DS didn’t exactly have a fruitful line-up at launch. Most titles were your typical launch titles or experiments to learn how to use the touch screen. Kirby Canvas Curse was one of the first original DS titles that gamers could truly say was an stellar experience on the platform. Now that the 3DS has been out for seven months, the DS is slowly but surely working its way out. It’s almost fitting that Kirby would also be one of the last titles for the platform, but can Kirby provide the same bang the end of the DS’ life that it gave the DS’ birth? Continue reading Kirby Mass Attack Review

Spotto! Review

You are a bird, and you are so angry! So angry, in fact, that you might just go ahead and lob some explosive power at some unsuspecting creatures, causing them to explode. No, this isn’t Angry Birds. This is Spotto!, a DSiWare title created by Intelligent Systems, the nice fellows who brought us the Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars series. While Spotto! may sound like Nintendo’s answer to Angry Birds, Spotto was actually the angry bird before the Angry Birds, as the title saw release a full month before the original launch of Angry Birds.

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Kirby Mass Attack Hands-On Demo Impressions

Nintendo’s seemingly most adaptable character in their franchise vault is Mario. He paints, play sports, rescues princesses, role-plays and, basically, does every other thing imaginable. But his main entries are usually limited to running and jumping. It’s hard to think of character that’s much more flexible than Mario, but Nintendo’s little pink ball has proved his software can be as adaptable as his pink stretchy body.

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Four Swords DSiWare is the GBA Title

During Nintendo’s E3 conference they announced that, to celebrate this years 25th anniversary for Zelda, DSiWare would be receiving a Four Swords title, which would be priced at the all appealing amount of $0. Unfortunately, if you were expecting an all new adventure, you’re out of luck. According to Joystiq, the title has been confirmed to be the original Game Boy Advance Four Swords title.

Four Swords was originally bundled with the GBA port of A Link to the Past, allowing for four player action using link cables.  The DSiWare version would, most likely, work via local wi-fi. Nintendo hasn’t announced if any enhancements will be made to the title, like updated visuals or online gameplay. But it is hard to complain about something that’s free.

The title is set to launch this September.

Nintendo DS Lite Drops to $99.99

Have $100 burning in your pocket and nothing to do with it? Nintendo might just have an a solution for you! Nintendo just announced that the Nintendo DS lite will be dropping to $99.99 – one penny short if a Benjamin. The price drop will take effect starting June 5th.


The Nintendo DS has a fantastic back catalog of software, including plenty of Mario titles. Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros, Mario Party DS, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem, Super Mario 64 DS, and Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story will all be seeing reprints. This time around, they’ll feature a special red casing. Unfortunately, there was no mention in the press release of a price drop on these titles.


Of course, 3DS is already out there and 100% backwards compatible with DS software, but the DSlite also scores you access to the GBA’s massive back catalog. Not to mention that the DS games just look better on original system. And, of course, it’s only $99.99!


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Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute Trademarked

The Nintendo 3DS has been out and on the market for two months now. And while Nintendo’s portable focus will be on the latest platform this year, Nintendo DS owners may still have some surprises from Nintendo. Siliconera dug up a trademark for Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute.  Considering the fourth and final DS entry in the series’ Japanese name translates to Professor Layton and the Last Specter, we can probably assume that this title is one and the same. But localized, of course!


A trademark isn’t a confirmation but generally is a good sign, especially with a series as successful as Professor Layton. Japan recently got the six title in the series, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, which was a launch title on Nintendo 3DS.

Rumor: Japanese Director Working on Ace Attorney Movie?

The Ace Attorney series has seen a couple of adaptations outside of  a game form. Both a Japanese play and a manga have been created based off the series. Now the title may be seeing a movie conversion.


Takashi Miike, director of Ichi the Killer, made mention of his next project in an interview Huffingtonpost at the Cannes film festival. Takashi said, “it is a very light comedy that I am filming now, a court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS.” It’s hard to imagine it being anything else other than Ace Attorney, unless it is some other random court room DS game. But I’d say Ace Attorney would be the safest bet.


Who knows how far along the project is or if it will ever see light of day. Until then we’ll just have to harass Capcom about localizing the sequel to Ace Attorney Investigations.


(Via: Kotaku)

Nintendo 3DS Moves Just Under 400,000 Units in March

We’ve already heard that Europe has sold 303,000 units in the launch weekend for Nintendo 3DS, but now Nintendo of America has their official numbers out, putting the platform at just under 400,000 units.


While 700,000 across western regions in the early launch window might sound like a victory, some analysts are suggesting that sales have slowed down significantly on the platform. This leaves the question if the situation will mirror Japan’s, where just under half the units shipped remain on store shelves.


Nintendo also announced that Nintendo DS shipped 460,000 units in North America last month, along with Pokemon Black and White finishing the month at 2.4 million units sold. The Nintendo Wii falls at the bottom of the bunch with 290,000 units sold.

Kirby DS Title Still in the Works

Remember that Kirby game we heard about some time ago on DS, featuring a bunch of small Kirbies on screen at once? Well, it’s not dead! The title was featured in the most recent Famitsu issue, complete with new details!


Atsumete! Kirby, which roughly translates to Gathering! Kirby, has players controlling not one, not two, but up to ten Kirbies at once.  To get up to the ten Kirbies mark, the Kirbies have to devour fruit to produce more Kirbies. Once you’ve created your Kirby army, you can mass them on enemies like Pikmin to defeat them.  Controls are mainly focused on the touchscreen. Tap on the screen and a star will appear. The Kirbies will walk toward the star. Double tap and they will run. Once at the star, they will latch on so you can move them easier. If one of your Kirbies fall in battle, it’s not over for him. Using another Kirby you can go help them, but only before they become an angel and float off the screen.


As of right now, the title is coming exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Japan can expect the title this year. You can check out the Famitsu Scan below.


(Details: 1UP)

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