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TSG in NF Magazine!

Hey all you TSG fans! NF Magazine, the spiritual successor to Nintendo Power, has a new issue out! And that issue features none other than TSG! There’s a whole little feature charity gaming, with pages devoted to both us and our buddies over at Awesome Games Done Quick! So buy that issue, subscribe, or get a bundle! The NF folks are great, so please support their awesome magazine.

Because I mean, who’s to saayyyy whether or not some weird nerd artist drew some pictures in there. Whoooo’s to saaaayyy…

Nintendo Force Subscriptions!

Hey everyone! Just letting you know that in two days, issue #2 of NF magazine–the spiritual successor to Nintendo Power– will be available! What”s important about that? Well, if you subscribe before then, Issue 2 will be included in that subscription! Otherwise you”d have to pay the standalone price for the issue, and that”s not as cheap. You can get your subscription here!

The folks at NF online casino like us, so we should show them some support! And who knows, maybe you”ll see some teamwork in the future! As for the issue itself, there might be something cool in there if you buy it! Something really awesome-looking! But what could it be, hmmmm… who”s to say, really. Whooooo”s to say…