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Wii U to have ‘Refined’ Friend Codes System

Over the last two console generations Nintendo has been in a clear last place when it comes to online services and interaction. With Nintendo’s clear goal of trying to regain the hardcore audience with the Wii U, it’s not surprise that they plan on beefing up their online component. But exactly how far will they take it?

Nintendo’s been pretty quiet about their Wii U online service, but surprzingly Nintendo UK’s marketing manager  Rob Lowe spoke a bit on the subject. He confirmed the use of the friend code system, although says it is more refined than ever before.

It still exists but in the same way that you’d need to pair up with friends on PSN or Xbox live. Now it’s much closer to that kind of online gaming experience than what it was before.

Lowe points to the 3DS and its network features as proof that thy are working towards a better online experience. Lowe still says that they have to be considerate not only of what the hardcore gamer wants, but having a more protective online environment for younger players.

The 3DS is definitely an improved system, but could be better. Hopefully overtime Nintendo will continue to update and improve the service, rather than just leaving it as is.

(Source: Eurogamer)

Wii U says Hello to Wii Controllers, Games, Goodbye GameCube

While most of us agree that the Wii U is an innovative, possibly groundbreaking console that will no doubt continue making waves until its release in 2012, there’s still plenty of things we just don’t know about it yet. Some new information recently emerged regarding the use of its touchscreen controller as well as what type of disk the system will use.

Ideally, most Wii U titles would be designed around the use of only 1 of the new controllers, with the console possibly not supporting multiple of the new tablet/controller hybrids. For multiplayer, most games will recycle Wii MotionPlus Remotes with one player wielding the sought-after super-controller. At the same time, though, it is possible that use of a 3DS as a controller might be a viable substitute, according to an interview news.com.au had with Shigeru Miyamoto.

Also, the Wii U will be utilizing a proprietary disk format which will store 25GB, on par with a PS3’s single-layer Blu-Ray disk. Since Sony owns Blu-Ray technology, that format was out of the question and led to Nintendo creating their own. It is notable to mention that the Wii U is also compatible with all Wii titles, although they will not be scaled up to HD.

This does come with a bit of sad news, however, as it is reported that although the Wii U is backwards compatible with original Wii titles, it will not play GameCube games; meaning that our cute mini-disks are a dying breed.

(Sources: news.com.au, Nintendo Life)

Ubisoft Announces Killer Freaks from Outer Space for Wii U, First Screen Shots

We’ve heard quite a few developers backing the Wii U. But Ubisoft is already knee deep into the system, producing their very own exclusive title, Killer Freaks from Outer Space.

The title is a first person shooter from Ubisoft with tongue-cheek-humor and a load of aliens called “Freaks,” who kind of look like demented Rabbids. Players mow through packs of Freaks using the Wii U controller in single player. You can aim using the gyro sensor. Ubisoft believes it will add a new level of precision combining both of the analog sliders and the gyro controls.

Right now the title includes four player co-op, which according to GoNintendo, is online. The title also features local competitive multiplayer. One player uses a classic controller to play on the TV screen while the other player uses the Wii U controller and its screen. The Wii U player has a map where he can spawn enemies and attempt to kill the player.

What makes this title stand out, aside from looking to be just plain weird overall, is that there are actually screens of it running on the Wii U hardware, which you can find after the jump. Keep in mind these are early screenshots, so some things may not be as pretty as you’d expect yet. There’s also a live-action/CG trailer after the jump.

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Pikmin 3 Moved to Wii U

It seems like forever since we heard that Pikmin 3 was confirmed to be in development. And while the title was originally intended for the Nintendo Wii, Miyamoto revealed during their E3 round table this year that the title has been moved to Wii U. While he doesn’t give any specifics, he does say that the title isn’t as far off as we might think.  He feels the HD graphics and screen controller are perfect for the title.

It sounds like the title could be a potential launch title, but I wouldn’t count on it until we get closer to launch. Apparently the title wasn’t intended to be mentioned at the round table, but Miyamoto felt like announcing it. And he is Miyamoto, so he can do whatever he wants.


(Source: IGN)