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No More Heroes Red Zone is another HD Version of No More Heroes

No More Heroes Red Zone is going to have a lot of new features some of which aren’t really a big deal in America but are in Japan. They are bringing the blood to the Japanese version of the game and giving it a CERO Z rating. It’s will have Playstation Move support, 5 bosses from No More Heroes 2, 10 new missions, a Boss Battle mode with online rankings, and a “forbidden view” mode.


Considering we are seeing No More Heroes Paradise I doubt we will also be getting yet another version of No More Heroes in America, but it is cool that they are adding so much stuff to a super cool game.


No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise recieves Screenshots

While Heroes Paradise is already out in Japan, it has been critisised for numberous amount of glitches and occasional times of slowdown. For the Western release, these problems are being addressed along with added bosses from No More Heroes 2 (Fingers Crossed for Margaret and Alice). While the game had a censored version released for the PS3 and an uncensored versio for the 360, Konami have only confirmed that PS3 version will definetly see an overseas release. On the flipside, the PS3 version will be uncensored keeping in all the blood and gore that was removed in the PAL version of NMH Wii and the game will be modified for Playstation Move so you can destroy the game as well as your furniture. Konami released five sparkly screenshots of the Western release which can be viewed after the jump.

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No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise getting US PS3 Release

Heroes Paradise is a HD remake of No More Heroes that was released in Japan for the Xbox 360 & PS3. While the game was confirmed to have a release in the UK, Konami confirmed today that they’d also release the game in the US however like the UK, they’d only release the PS3 version. More after the Jump

Source: (Siliconera)

This has mainly be done to capitialize on the Move support the game offers. Gore fans will be happy to know that unlike the 360 version which has the NMH1 style of disintigration, the PS3 version will contain the uncensored version just like NMH2. The main differences are that Heroes Paradise contains extra boss battles, The ability to fight boss battles after initial victory and a viewer mode that gives the player the ability to freely watch the cutscenes if they wish. The major complaint of the Japanese release was the large amount of slowdown, bugs and glitches the game had which are being addressed for he overseas release according to Konami.

Scary Good Fun

EA has announced that a special “Tokyo Showcase” will be held before the commencement of the annual Tokyo Game Show.

It has been speculated that the project taking this showcase will be EA’s biggest pet project: the Shinji Mikami-Suda51-Akira Yamaoka-QEntertainment collaboration.  [Developers who are famous for titles such as Resident Evil, No More Heroes and Space Channel 5].

Taking the creative talents of the collaborators, EA hopes to utilize its massive sales force in order to make these talents more widely known.

An EA spokesperson was quoted as saying “people are going to get an opportunity to finally listen to what you guys have been writing about Suda for a long time.”

The project is currently rumored to be developed for PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii.  The final console call will likely be announced on the September 15th event, so many will have to wait until then to find out for sure.

Source:  Joystiq

No More Heroes “Moves” To PS3

Konami revealed during the Gamescon press conference that No More Heroes : Heroes’ Paradise, a remake of the original No More Heroes for the Wii , will be “moving” on over to the PS3, alongside the new Playstation Move peripheral.

Developers assured gamers that No More Heroes : Heroes’  Paradise can be played with the standard PlayStation 3 controller, but that the overall gaming experience will be more enjoyable and “enhanced” with motion control and the Playstation Move.

Much like the previous two titles, No More Heroes : Hero’s Paradise will follow the tale of the otaku-wrestling-cat lover Travis Touchdown in his many adventures to become the greatest assassin in Santa Destroy.

No More Heroes : Hero’s Paradise will hit American shores next year in 2011.

[Author’s Note:  It seems IGN and myself were mistaken about what No More Heroes : Heroes’ Paradise was about, and I have edited the article to reflect this.  I apologize for the misunderstanding this may have caused.]

(Source: IGN)

No More Heroes X-box 360 screen shots, plus Wii/360 comparison shots

No More Heroes screen shots were posted on X-box.com. I was planning on bringing them over here but Silverlights giving me some trouble with loading images. So you will just have to head over there and check them out yourself if you want to see all the screens for the port.

On the other hand though, Andriasang has collected some Wii/360 comparison shots which you can check out after the Jump. Honestly it doesn’t big of a improvement in my eyes, but it definitely looks better. Also it looks like there is a lot more shading for some reason.

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No More Heroes heading to PS3 and 360 in some form (Update)

Famitsu magazine confirmed that the No More Heroes franchise is heading to PlayStation 3 and X-box 360 in some form. Nothing is known about the title as or right now minus the name of the game which translates to No More Heroes: Hero’s Paradise.

Suda 51 said awhile back that the No More Heroes franchise would stay Wii focused in his mind. If it is a port of the original No More Heroes it could be that Marvelous Entertainment decided to give the okay for a PS3/360 port. Marvelous Entertainment in the past has expressed having difficulty selling Wii software and that they were possibly looking into moving to PlayStation 3 and 360 development as well, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the start of that.

Update: Oh, that was fast. It sounds like the game is a port and will be adding a new mode called “Advance mode” and will include Japanese voice acting. Japanese preorder bonuses include two erotic portraits, one for PS3 and one for 360 (Source: Neogaf)

(Source: Joystiq)
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No More Heroes Desperate Struggle shipping January 2010

We have known about No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle for almost a year now, but fans  will have to wait just a bit longer. Eurogamer found that No More Heroes Desperate Struggle is scheduled to be released in January 2010 through Ubisoft’s No More Heroes T-shirt design contest page. The contest has you submit a T-shirt design made by you and Suda 51 will pick his favorite to into the final copy of the game. The contest ends September 10th so anyone interested in entering needs to submit their design within the next few weeks.