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OILD: Wintertime

Day 10 of Obligatory Ice Level Day! This is a goofy, fake holiday meant to build hype for The Speed Gamers’ Zelda marathon, which starts December 12th! We’re raising money for Mercy Corps, so I hope you all help us out by promoting and donating! You know, one game everyone at TSG seemed to be playing was Animal Crossing. And wouldn’t you know it, the AC series has its own holiday! That’s why today’s post is all about wintertime in Animal Crossing!

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Okamiden’s Final Trailer

March 15th is almost here! Here we are with the final Okamiden trailer with a little surprise at the start, featuring a short CG sequence, followed by some gameplay and cutscenes. You might even take notice of an old friend from the original Okami. Europe won’t have to wait too much longer to get their hands on the title. You can expect it on store shelves starting the 18th.


With the 3DS coming up it can be easy to forget these swan song core titles for the Nintedno DS, like Radiant Historia and Okamiden. Be sure not to miss them!

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Sketchin’!! – Amaterasu

*SHAKUHACHI NOISES* Because those always have to play whenever you talk about this game. I LOVE OKAMI. I LOVE OKAMI SO MUCH THAT THIS VIDEO OF AMATERASU IN MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 MAKES ME SQUEAL LIKE AN IDIOT. I’ve always been terrible at fighting games but I played an insane amount of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and it just made my day when I saw this. So, afterward I reacted as anyone would…

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Kamiya wants to make a Viewtiful Joe sequel, no longer interested in Okami

Clover Studio’s has been gone for awhile now, but most of their team is at  Platinum Games now and continues to develop games like MadWorld and Bayonetta.

Platnium Games’ Hideiki Kamiya directed the Viewtiful Joe series and the original Okami back when he was working at Clover Studios.  When asked about returning to older franchises at Capcom he said “I don’t have the rights to any of the IPs that I’ve made. They belong to the companies that publish them, and they’re a business so they have a right to exploit those IPs as they want…. However, to be completely honest, I’d love to do them myself.

When asked to specify more specific IP’s Kamiya said “Up until very recently I really felt someday I wanted to make a sequel to Okami, and there were others who wanted me to as well. But then the other day I heard the announcement that someone else would be making a sequel and now I’m just not interested in it anymore. Once someone else touches a world that you yourself created it stops being yours. There is no point in making a sequel when the world doesn’t belong to you. Viewtiful Joe is probably all I’ve got left. That story is incomplete so I’d like to finish it someday. But that would probably be the most difficult one to do [laughs].

(Source: Game Informer)

VG Flash #14 – Eight Canine Warriors

Note: No eights, canines, or warriors in this video.

Yes, Wilhelm and Zee have some small backstories. No, they don’t come across well enough in most of the cartoons because I love to fail. For months I had wanted to show Zee’s problem with constantly having to say goodbye to so many friends. Originally I was going to do this with the Beatmania IIDX song “Colors,” but it came off so emo that I scrapped it. Not that this isn’t absurdly emo anyway.

Basically Zee constantly trails behind Wilhelm not because she’s a helpless sidekick, but because she wants to make sure he’s always there.


Famitsu reveals new Okami game for Nintendo DS

With Capcoms recent trademark for the name “Okamiden” many predicted this  Capcom would bring about a new Okami game. Well Famitsu magazine, one of the largest video game magazine in Japan, latest issue revealed a new Okami for the Nintendo DS. While there’s no confirmation on what development team is working on it, it is known that it is going to be coming in 2010.

Anyone excited its coming to Nintendo DS? Or possibly are you disappointed its not hitting a Console? Full sized scan after jump.

(Source: Kotaku)

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