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Jailbreak gets Restraining Order

Looks like the pirating isn’t the lucrative business as Hotz [the jailbreak developer] originally thought!  While the court case revolving around the big PS3 code cracking is ongoing, the United States Court recently issued a restraining order against the jailbreakers, keeping them from distributing, linking or even so much as encouraging the program in question.  They are also forbidden from sharing any secrets that they may have acquired during their cracking sessions.

Most importantly, however, is that they are being forced to surrender all technology involved with the process.  Although their lawyers are throwing a fit over this, and are currently contesting this aspect.


Source:  EnGadget

Mindjack Pre-Order Bonuses

Looks like Square Enix is hopping on the Fallout New Vegas bandwagon and offering some serious powerup bonuses for those that preorder their upcoming title Mindjack.

  • Unlimited Dash [Speed Abilities are Infinite]
  • Instant High Voltage:  [Dash and Attack Ability]
  • Elite FIA Soldier Suit:  [It’s a pretty outfit for afternoon tea.]

You can snag the pre-order bonuses from ordering from Best Buy, Amazon or Gamestop.  The game comes out for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this January 18, 2011.

Source: Destructoid

Final Fantasy : The Four Heroes of Light Pre-Order Bonuses

Square Enix is helping to guide gamers directly to their latest Final Fantasy product.  If you purchase the DS version of their latest RPG, Final Fantasy : The Four Heroes of Light, each game will come with a cute poster that you can see after the jump.

If you preorder the game through Gamestop, they’ll throw in another adorable poster, a blown up image of the case design.  [Also viewable after the jump]

Finally, if you pre-order the game through Amazon, you net yourself $10 off your next Amazon purchase.    [Not viewable after the jump, but still cool!]
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