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OILD Day 7 – The Icy Ocean

Day 7 and getting closer to the 10th and final post! But before that, we need to give shout-outs to that adorable birdie that shows up in almost all ice levels ever; the penguin! Penguins really are the cutest things ever, don’t you think? They’re just so cuddly and sweet and squishy. That’s why today’s ice level is the Icy Ocean, from Yume Penguin Monogatari.

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OILD: Chill Penguin Stage

The first day of Obligatory Ice Level Day! This is a goofy, fake holiday meant to build hype for The Speed Gamers’ Zelda marathon, which starts December 12th! We’re raising money for Mercy Corps, so I hope you all help us out by promoting and donating! And for the first OILD here, we’ve got a classic stage! Our Mega Man marathon had a wonderful comeback, so naturally we need to start off with a classic Mega Man X stage. Of course I’m talking about Chill Penguin’s stage, from the original Mega Man X game!

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