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Lavender Town Combo (Shirt, Hoodie,Pin Set)

The Lavender Town Combo consists of 3 new pieces of merchandise; “Gangar” Hoodie, “Slobbery Spook” T-shirt and Pin Set #2.
You can buy each of them individually but when you buy a “Gangar” Hoodie and “Slobbery Spook” T-shirt together you get Pin Set #2 for free.
The Hoodie will be $27, shirt $16 and Pin Set $5. The Lavender Town Combo, which is all 3 will be $43 not including shipping. They will go on sale early October.

TheSpeedGamer’s “Gangar” hoodie was created by the amazing Anatotitan and printed on Jerzees 50/50 hooded sweatshirt. The “Slobbery Spook” T-shirt was also designed by Anatotitan and is screen printed onto Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirts . The pins were designed by (from left to right in the image) Exclamation Point, Rust, Exclamation Point and Dementrious.
For all the mockups, click read more!!

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Pin Set #1 now available

After a little delay TheSpeedGamer’s pin set #1 is now available in our store. After the first set sells out (50 available) we will move on to set #2 and five more designs, so make sure to get set #1 before it sells out! Proceeds cover server cost and other TSG fees.

A pin set cost $5 with $2 shipping in the U.S and $3 anywhere else in the world.


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Pin Set #1

As a fan of Fangamer.net, I got the idea of selling pin sets.  Soon the TSG store will introduce our very first pin set. I think they will work well with the TSG community considering all the inside jokes and “shenanigans” as Ninboy would say, that goes on during our marathons.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a pin design. The forum member’s pins we will be using are Anatotitan, Iheart_Absol, Kitsu and Letifer. Take a look at the awesome job they did.

pinet#1 copy

Details and sidenote after the break…

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