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Rumor: PlayStation Home Getting Revamped

PlayStation Home isn’t exactly the breakout success Sony was hoping for. Despite being released years ago, it’s still in the Beta phase.  While many may have given up on PlayStation Home, Sony hasn’t.


So what’s the next step for Sony? Possibly a redesign of the central plaza, giving it a nice clean simplistic look as revealed by three pieces of concept art an anonymous tipster sent 4Player Co-Op. The images have been rumored to have been pulled from a survey.


PlayStation Home’s Director recently started encouraging people to return, saying the service has improved by “leaps and bounds” since its original debut.  As of December last year the service had 236 games, 7,000 virtual items and over 600 events. The service has definitely come a long way, but we will have to see if this rumor is solid. And if it is, if a plaza redesign enough to get people excited again.