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No Valkyria Chronicles III for North America or Europe

In case you are still holding out for a PSP release of Valkyria Chronicles III, SEGA put to rest those hopes confirming that the lack of popularity of the platform will keep the title in Japan.

Hiroshi Seno, team manager of console sales at Sega cites high localization costs and low sales of Valkyria Chronicles II as the reason for the title not seeing a localization.

The lack of western interest in the PSP is a problem plaguing a lot of titles right now, like Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd that hasn’t shown any sign of localization.

It may not be time to give up entirely, though. While nothing is confirmed,  Seno said Sega will speak to Sony about a release on PlayStation Vita next time they meet.

(Source: GameSpot)

Sony Announces New €99 PSP Model, Drops PS3 Price (Update)

The PlayStation Vita is right around the corner, but Sony is trying to entice those who have been skipping out on their current platforms, both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Both platforms are currently are already a fantastic value as is, but now you can save even more.

PlayStation Portable is seeing a new model released in Europe and it will cost only €99… But there’s a catch. The new model, PSP E-1000, does not include Wi-Fi, limiting the system’s capabilities. There will also be new PSP Essential titles that will retail for €9.99. The full line-up wasn’t announced, but will include Invisimals: The Lost Tribes, EyePet Adventures and FIFA 12.

PlayStation 3 will also see a price drop. The 160 GB model will now retail for $249.99 and the 320 GB model will now retail for $299.99.

You can see glamour shots of the new PSP E-1000 after the jump.

Update: The PSP E-1000 is a European exclusive model.

(Update Source: Kotaku)

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PlayStation Store now LIVE!

After more than a month of waiting, the PlayStation Store is once again restored- taken down in the aftermath of an external intrusion that took place April 20th, 2011. Although the store is back up,  some people might have a hard time trying to get in due to the high amount of users attempting to access the store immediately upon it’s relaunch.

In addition, Sony’s promised Welcome Back package is notably MIA- supposedly in the final stages of testing but available for all to enjoy soon enough. For a brief reminder of what that package curtails, we have an article detailing it here.
The next PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus update will be this Friday, June 3, and then we will roll right into some special publishes starting next week for E3 (so be sure to check back daily!), says PlayStation Store Director Grace Chen.

My money’s riding that the update coming tomorrow will be the one that includes the Welcome Back bonuses, or at least prepare for the offer. Either way, we’ll be sure to keep updating on any new developments.
It looks like the PSN outage saga is beginning its long descent into obscurity, and I’ll bet Sony wants it that way- between the digital equivalent of a smash and grab and over a month of bad publicity, the tech giant has to be reeling from the damage.

Be sure to check out the source link, as it includes an expansive list of new content in the store that covers everything that missed its intended release due to the outage.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

Playstation Network Maintenance, No Store Restoration

According to the blog over at Sony. The Playstation Network will undergo maintenance from 8am to approximately 5pm Pacific time. Users may face difficulties logging into the PSN, but are able to play their games online. Account Registration, Management and password resetting are unavailable during the maintenance.


There was a rumor that the Playstation Store was to relaunch on May 24th 2011, but Sony confirmed today in their blog that the store will not return today. Stated by Jeff Rubenstein, “For those asking about the PlayStation Store, we’re still targeting restoration of all services by the end of this month. Contrary to reports, the Store will not be publishing today.”


Sorry to those who were expecting the store to relaunch today, but a little more waiting can’t hurt will it?


(Source: Playstation Blog)

20 Minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay

For years, details have been slim on Square-Enix’s long overdue PSP Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy Type-0. More and more details and footage has been sliding out over time, but Square-Enix released a full twenty minutes of Type-0 gameplay through a live stream event on the Japanese video service, Niconico douga.


After the jump you’ll see everything from the real time combat system, cutscenes,  over world and a rocket powered airship.

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PSP Titles Receiving HD PS3 Remakes

The PlayStation Portable is one of the most successful handhelds that didn’t carry the Nintendo name. And while that is a big achievement, it definitely didn’t rise to the Nintendo DS popularity level. As of today, the PSP is sort of just that other system.  And while there’s some great software on it, why go out of your way to buy one now? Sony seems to be thinking the same thing.


Sony will be selling HD revamped versions of PSP games. In addition to HD visuals, the titles will also support stereoscopic 3D, new add-on contact, and the ability to transfer your save data to the PS3 version of a title. As of right now there is only one title announce for the HD revamp – Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. In Japan, the title will be released on a single blu-ray disc.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has yet to see a release in North America or Europe, so we’ll have to see if we actually get the title. But I’m sure titles like God of War: Ghost of Sparta are probably on the list of titles for the western market.


You can check out some of the HD Monster Hunter Portable 3rd footage after the jump.


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Rumor: PlayStation Store Relaunching May 24th

PlayStation Network is back up, but PlayStation Store is still down. While Sony hasn’t given us an official date yet, they may have already revealed the date to developers. Gamasutra heard from an inside source that Sony has sent out a memo to PSN developers, letting them know that the service will be back up starting May 24th.


According to this memo, content will be rolled out every few days to catch up with the schedule. Reopening of the store will include content intended for April 26th, followed by content that was intended for May 3rd on the 27th.  More updates will come May 31st and June 3rd, which will put the store on back on schedule. Some content will be prioritized. For example DLC already available on other platforms.


It will be good to get everything back to normal again after nearly a month of the service being down. Sony will be offering a welcome back package to PlayStation Network members. This package gives members an option between two PS3 and two PSP games, including titles like Little Big Planet (PS3 and PSP), Infamous (PS3), and ModNation Racers (PSP). You can check out the full list here.

Sony Offers Free Infamous and Little Big Planet for PSN Owners

PlayStation Network is finally back up! Unfortunately, not entirely. But when the service goes fully live again, Sony will be offering a welcome back package to PSN owners. What that package contains depends on your region. But Sony has announced the European and North American packages. Users will be able to choose from titles like inFamous and Little Big Planet for PlayStation 3 and Kill Zone Liberation and Mod Nation Racers on PSP.


Of course this welcome back package will also include all the previously announced benefits. This includes 30 days of free PSN+ for non-subscribers. Subscribers get 60 days free of PSN+  and Music Unlimited. One weekend will have free movie rentals on PSN as well in North America


You can get the full list of titles to choose from after the jump.


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Rumor: PSN Back Online for Game Developers (Update)

PlayStation Network has been down for over three weeks already. And as of right now, Sony isn’t giving us any insight on when the service will be up. But we could be getting closer to the possible revival of the service. Rumor has it that PlayStation Network is already back up, but just for developers. The consumer would be the next logical step. Rumors are rumors of course, especially since it traces back to a poster on NeoGAF.


Although the rumor does seem likely. PlayStation Network was scheduled to go live last week, but Sony had to delay it. Unless there has been another major issue, I’d assume the service is likely to go live soon. Then again, we’re already near the end of this week.


PlayStation Network’s outage has had an immediate effect on digital content developers. Recent reports suggest that European retailers are now starting to feel the effects as well. The report claims increased PS3 trade-ins for 360s, a drop in PSN pre-paid card sales, and consumers shifting to Xbox 360 versions of software.


Try to make this outage not last a month, Sony.


Update: Giant Bomb’s sources also confirm the network is back online, but is currently only allowing the restoration of PSN accounts, not creation.

(Via: Game Informer)

Rumor: Hackers Targeting PSN Again?

Sony has been unfortunate enough to have their servers attacked twice in such a short period of time. According to one of Cnet’s sources though, they may be due for a third attack. The source also claims that the group plans to publicize some or all of the personal information stolen from the service.  It is still unknown whether PSN credit card information would fall under this, since no one is sure if the information has been taken.


The attack is supposedly scheduled for this weekend, with the hackers claiming to still have access to Sony’s servers. Sony last reported that their improved server security is in the final testing stage, so we can probably expect PSN to go live again soon.