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US and Europe Release Date for Vita Confirmed (Update)

Jack Tretton last night confirmed at the Web 2.0 summit that the PSVita will be released in the US and Europe on February 22, 2012.

With only two months to wait from Japan getting it, this gives a chance for Western audiences to watch the reaction to how the Vita handles before deciding to get it themselves. Tretton confirmed in earlier reports that the Vita would miss the Christmas season, a good time of selling games and game-related memorabilia.

The price is set to be $250 for the Wi-Fi only version, with $300 for the Wi-Fi+3G (AT&T) variant – no prices for other countries at present, with the other named countries getting a release being Canada and Latin America.

Update:  Pricing for multiple countries have been revealed. The basic model will €249.99 (RRP), £229.99,  AUD$349.95, and NZD$449.95 in their respective regions. The 3G model will be €299.99 (RRP), £279.99, AUD$449.95 and NZD$549.95 in their respective regions.

(Original Source: CNet)
(Update Source: PlayStation Blog EU)

PlayStation Vita to be Region Free

Region locking is a pain. If you ever want to import games, movies or Xenoblades, you’ll have to jump through quite a few hurdles to actually play the software. Thankfully, Sony has been kind with their latest platforms and now their upcoming platform as well.

Shuhei Yoshida,  Sony Computer Entertainment’s president of World Wide Studios, was asked on Twitter if the PlayStation Vita would be region free. Thankfully, he answered “yes.”

Now gamers can import Dream C Club and watch drunken women dance and sing without the need of a foreign system or system modifications.

PlayStation Vita will be launching December 17th in Japan, followed by a North American and European release early next year.

Super Monkey Ball rolling out to Playstation Vita

SEGA has announced that Super Monkey Ball is rolling to the Playstation Vita sometime in the year of 2012. The game will utilize the features of the Playstation Vita such as the dual analog sticks and front and back touch controls. SEGA states that there will be new worlds and updated graphics. As well as four player multiplayer over Wi-Fi and revamped mini-games. Check out a short trailer below.

(Source: Destructoid)