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Nintendo 3DS Moves Just Under 400,000 Units in March

We’ve already heard that Europe has sold 303,000 units in the launch weekend for Nintendo 3DS, but now Nintendo of America has their official numbers out, putting the platform at just under 400,000 units.


While 700,000 across western regions in the early launch window might sound like a victory, some analysts are suggesting that sales have slowed down significantly on the platform. This leaves the question if the situation will mirror Japan’s, where just under half the units shipped remain on store shelves.


Nintendo also announced that Nintendo DS shipped 460,000 units in North America last month, along with Pokemon Black and White finishing the month at 2.4 million units sold. The Nintendo Wii falls at the bottom of the bunch with 290,000 units sold.

Sketchin’!! – Sandile’s Got MOXIE


… Ugh, being under the weather sucks. BUT ANYWAY like most of you I’ve been enjoying the snot out of Pokémon Black & White. I have Black and a friend of mine has White, and we basically traveled Unova in sync, challenging gym leaders simultaneously before splitting up to explore on our own. FUN TIMES! We also traded many Pokémon to each other to get boosted experience points. I thought Sandile was adorable, so he caught me one and named him CrocDuster. Duster turned out to have Moxie as his ability, which makes me laugh every time. It makes me think that whenever he knocks out an opponent, he throws up jazz hands and yells MOXIE!! before his Attack stat rises. Anyway, my battle with Elesa was nice because after my Musharna put her first Emolga to sleep, I sent in Duster. He fainted it, got MOXIE!!, which helped him faint the next Emolga, which added to his MOXIE!! again. By the time she sent out Zebstrika, Duster was strong enough to take it out with one Dig. MOXIE!!

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Serebii Confirms Official List of New Pokémon English Names

For most people, the English names for the new Pokémon in the upcoming Pokémon Black and White Versions is no secret at all. A few weeks ago, the list was leaked online and was regarded as a rumor until IGN released the names of several Pokémon, all of which matched the names on the list.

The list quickly spread around the Internet, appearing on sites like Pokébeach. Nintendo wasn’t happy that the list had gotten out, and many sites were forced to take it down. Serebii, who was legally obligated to keep the names a secret, was also angered by the leak.

However, these issues were soon forgotten when Serebii finally got the green light to reveal the names a few days ago, and has since updated his entire site with the names. The only names that weren’t revealed were the legendaries that are to be given out as events later on. Given Game Freak’s track record with naming legendaries, those names will probably be the same as the Japanese ones anyway.

(Source: Serebii)

Pokemon Black and White DSi System Packages

Along with the announcement of the Pokemon Black and White DSi systems we have images of the packaging thanks to the Pokemon official site. Yay (:

The black DSi comes with Pokemon Black and the white DSi comes with Pokemon White – does it get any simpler?

Both versions will arrive on November 20th and will be sold in game shops nation wide. Since there hasnt been any sort of ‘limited edition’ labelling on these systems they shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on.

Will anyone be getting?

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Ok so, the Pokémon from Black and White have been leaked onto the internet. Some of them I really like, while others look incredibly stupid. Still others look so hilarious that I may just have to train them for laughs. ANYWAY, Serebii.net has images of all the Pokémon here (WARNING: OBVIOUS SPOILERS!!) . Toast and I were looking through them, and he thought #559 looked pretty funny. He said “I would love to see #559 just putting its face creepily close to another Pokémon and staring right at it.” I agreed, so here we are. (WARNING: OBVIOUS SPOILERS AGAIN BUT REALLY YOU WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO TELL WHAT IT WAS ANYWAY SO WHATEVER??):

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Who Are These New Black & White Pokemon?

No one knows yet! Except Nintendo of course.

Pokemon Sunday revealed three new Pokemon, but only the silhouettes of them. These look like they might be the starter Pokemon, but who knows.

The Pokemon are set to be revealed in CoroCoro Magazine.Until then, all we can do is guess.

The bottom right one kind of looks like a beaver to me with too much fat around its neck. The top one looks like a pig with bunny ears. The bottom left one looks like a… Charmander with more curves?

Check out the full size image after the jump.

(Source: GoNintendo)

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Pokemon Black and White Direct Feed Screenshots

Here is a nice clear look at the new Pokemon title thanks to new direct feed screen shots. You can check them out after the jump. Unfortunately, there aren’t any entirely new screens yet. We will have to wait for those.

Again, while the title seems to have bumped up in terms of visuals, it still looks a lot like the classic Pokemon we know and love.

(Via: GoNintendo)

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