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Review: Pokemon Conquest!

Nobunaga’s Ambition never took off stateside (what with it being an in-depth war sim about feudal Japan) but it’s an accomplished series in Japan with installments on many systems ranging from the NES to the Playstation 2. Even with that kind of success, combining the series with Pokemon seems like an odd choice. It’s like combining Age of Empires with Digimon: not necessarily a bad idea, but still bizarre. Despite all this, Pokemon Conquest (literally called Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition in Japan) does an excellent job of blending the simple fighting and training gameplay of a Pokemon game with the deeper mechanics of a war sim, even if it’s sometimes more complex than it needs to be.

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Marathon Wrap-up

Whewwwww, what a week!  We broke all of our donation records and goals. This was our most ambitious marathon and with everyone’s help we put on our best show yet. We raised over $59,000 for ACT Today and beat our gaming goal of catching all 646 available Pokemon.

The support we received from everyone was incredible. I can’t thank enough all of our sponsors/supporters along with all of the help we get within from our marketing team, ops and mods.

The marathon was extremely draining in terms of man power at the barn.  We had to exhaust all of our resources. Over 20 people volunteered throughout the week to either play, commentate or help out with the back end of the marathon. Thank you guys for sticking through those long nights and tough shifts. You are all the best people and my best friends.

I’ll be putting together some sort of retrospective video within the next 2 weeks so be sure to be subscribes to our youtube! http://www.youtube.com/thespeedgamers

Up next, the Mario Marathon! We will be posting info about the Mario marathon over the following weeks and months to get you pumped and informed for our next event. Our tentative start date is December 14th 2012.


Hey there! So you know that Icarus and Skulldog donated some wonderful prizes for the marathon! But did you know they’re helping motivate people to donate? It’s true!

Icarus is taking commission slots RIGHT NOW for people who donate! Sign up for a slot, donate, e-mail him the proof, get a commission! If you give a little more, he’ll even mail you the original art! Wow!

Skulldog has made a post on DeviantArt saying she’ll take a Pokémon art request when he hit a milestone! If you’re on DA, leave a comment of what Pokémon you’d like to see drawn, and maybe yours will be chosen! Yay!

I’m in no way in charge of this. These people are doing this purely out of the goodness of their hearts. So donate! Show them some love! Comment on their stuff! And if you know of anyone who’s putting up similar motivations, let me know! I’ll add them to the list!

Early Donations for Pokemon Starters and Trainers

You can now donate to ACT Today to reserve a name for a trainer and/or starter for our upcoming Pokemon marathon.  Trainers will cost $25 and starters $50 with a character limit of 10. The donate button is on the  right hand side of the webpage. After you donate you will have the option to leave a comment which is where you can write  the name of the trainer or Pokemon you want and its nickname. Underneath the donation button you  can see which trainers and starter Pokemon are still available to name. If for some reason two people donate around the same time and the Pokemon or starter is taken, we will have to move your nickname to another Pokemon or starter. We will email you to work out what you would like to switch to.

If you are not able to leave a comment after you donate, send an email to comments@thespeedgamers.com.


Pokemon Marathon Prize Announcement – Revenge of the Cels

Who wants prizes? YOU want prizes! With awesome artists like Icarus, Skulldog, Meeellla, jdtwins and Calvin and the Calvinette making amazing giveaway art, I realized I wasn’t going to just sit back and let them have all the fun. Thus, we get REVENGE OF THE ANIMATION CELS: THE ANIMATION CEL-ENING

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Pokemon Marathon Prize Announcement – Bug Pokemon Art Cards!

Hey again! I’ve been missing for a bit, on account of me making something… special… for the marathon. But until then, let’s check out another great art prize for the marathon! I told you I got several awesome artists, didn’t I?

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Pokemon Marathon Prize Announcement – Poison Pokemon Painting!

Hey-o! As you all know, I made a post in the forums about a neat store where where you might find some prospective prizes for the Pokémon marathon! Thanks to Daskichan for posting about it on the TSG Twitter account! However, there are even more awesome prizes in the works, some of which you can’t find in any shop! What do I mean? Well read on…

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New 3DS Color, Pokémon Game

A new 3DS color will be reaching Japan on July 14th, Flare Red.
It’ll be joining the ranks of the classic muscle car-esque paint job of the Aqua Blue and suave, classy look of Cosmo Black. As with it’s bretheren, this color sports the tri-tonal appearance although it blends together better if you ask me.

Now if only it were red and white to match the tone of this next story- a Pokémon Rumble sequel has been announced for the 3DS.Titled Super Pokémon Scramble(Rumble for everywhere but Japan), it’ll let you continue collecting and battling pocket monster wind up toys just like in the WiiWare hit but with the inclusion of Pokémon from Generation V, otherwise known as Black and White versions.

Also new to the series is the introduction of Spot Pass support for features yet unannounced, and multiplayer battles via Wi-Fi Connection. It’s hitting Japanese shelves July 28th, with neither this nor the Flare Red 3DS being confirmed for international release.

(Source: Eurogamer)