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What marathon are you looking forward to us doing most in 2010?

Leave your comments on which marathon you’re looking forward to seeing us do most in 2010? Feel free to elaborate.

Metroid– March 12-15. | Mother (Earthbound)– May 7-9 | Week long Mario Marathon Marathon-June| Prince of Persia/ Assassin’s Creed– Aug| Castlevania Oct 29-31| Kingdom Hearts – December|


Poll: What age did you stop Trick-or-Treating?

May seem like a silly question, however I know people my age who still Trick-or-Treat for the heck of taking advantage of free candy. They also risk getting told off by some elderly woman who lost her dentures and loves to use her cane as a torture weapon…not to mention the possibility of law enforcements if the home owners are real up-tight.

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