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OILD: Forest Snow Genre

Ten? TEN??? I feel like I’m in heaven! It’s day 10 of Obligatory Ice Level Day! We’re counting down to the Mario marathon on December 14th, when we’ll be raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation! Tune in for some awesome games and sweet prizes, like handmade wooden item blocks and a Wii U Deluxe! The marathon’s almost here! I’m so happy I could sing. That’s why today’s ice level is really more of an ice GENRE. It’s Forest Snow, from Pop’n Music!

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Sketchin’!! – Tino’s White Horse

So I’ve been getting back into Bemani lately. Sadly the local arcade shut down many moons ago, but there was a time when every weekend was EXPLOSIVELY POPULAR DDR BUST-A-DANCE WEEKEND. DDR, Dance Maniax, Guitar Freaks, Drummania, Beatmania IIDX… yeah, it had quite a few games in the series. I fell out of DDR a few years ago so I picked up the soundtracks to Supernova, Supernova 2, Festival, and STR!KE. I was happy to hear that they’ve now included The Irritable Great White Horse from Pop n’ Music 11 in DDR, under the name Tino’s White Horse. So, I tried out a new coloring technique with some fanart of Tino…

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VG Flash #7 – Penguin

And now for a… holiday tune?

Well, not exactly. This is Penguin, from Pop n’ Music. Not a holiday song per se, but you can’t name your song “Penguin” and not expect people to think of ice and snow, right? This was used as my online card that year. You’ll notice at the end it says “HAPPPY HOLIDAYS.” I intended to add “THE EXTRA P IS FOR ‘PENGUIN'” but completely forgot to do so, and Flash kept inexplicably crashing every time I tried to re-render the cartoon afterwards. So here we are with what looks like a stupid typo.

This also marks the last of the “DDR Flash” series. Things really pick up after this, and with good reason.