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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Retrospective

Some of you might remember that I did a paragraph on Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter during the PlayStation 2 Staff Picks. I feel one paragraph kind of does an injustice to the amount of innovation placed into such a tightly woven game as Dragon Quarter. Furthermore, some of you also might remember a game called S.O.S: The Human Escape released by Human Entertainment (The first games company that Suda51 worked for). S.O.S took place on a sinking cruise liner that would become engulfed in the ocean in one hour. While on the surface, your goal was to escape from the sinking ship with your own life, that was only scratching the surface of the game as it would result in one ending. The true goal of the game was to explore the ship to find trapped passengers that need you to rescue them. Escaping the ship causes different endings to occur with different combinations of passengers. This can be considered the first example of a New Game Plus in video games and Dragon Quarter would take this concept to an entirely new level. Continue reading Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Retrospective

The God of War Collection has been Digitized

The Collection that was released last year is now making it’s way onto PSN. It’s unclear whether they are selling them together as one or separately, but both games are indeed going to be the 720p remastered versions released on disc. The only thing that won’t make it is all of the bonus materials that shipped on the disc version.

It’s pretty cool that we are actually seeing PS2 games on PSN, even if it isn’t the exact way I would have wanted it.

(Source: Giantbomb)