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Mamoru Kun gets PS3 Demo Next Week

Mamoru Kun is a Vertizontal SHmup (Vertizontal meaning that the game is designed to be played on an unTATEd TV (TATE meaning that you turn your TV horizontally to get it to the original arcade aspect ration)) that unlike other current gen SHmups, is a PS3 exclusive. This means that the game will be region free by default which is great for anyone who regulary shells out ridiculous amounts of money for whatever SHmups are avaliable. What is nice about this, is that CyberConnect are also releasing a demo of the game through JP PSN. The demo will contain the first two stages of the game from three of the rather large cast of playable characters. The demo goes live on JP PSN on March 17th (Anyone can make a JP PSN accoutn so it’s worth a look) and the actual game gets its standard and limited editions released on March 31st.

Source: (Andriasang)