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TSG’s Week Ahead

Here’s what you can expect from TheSpeedGamer’s this week and in the foreseeable future.

-In the streaming department, Giraffe’s will continue slaying evil in Dark Souls this Thursday and throughout the month of October. I (Britt) will be streaming for 12 hours straight this Sunday October 7th as a thank you for all the help the community has given us.

-We have put up a new donation goal ($80) to pay for October’s web fees which has already been met! If you would like to chip in, the donation widget is on the right hand side of our webpage and at the top of the forums.

-Consistency with Podcasts is something we have always been lacking and we are trying to come up with a new formula that would help us. We should have a new podcast coming soon and hopefully a steady flow to follow.

– It’s October so that mean its time again for our annual pumpkin carving contest. I’ll be making a youtube video soon to promote the contest and a forum thread where you can post your pictures and/or video of your video game themed pumpkin.

If you have any ideas or things you would like to see out of TheSpeedGamer’s, let us know in the comments below..mad rhymes