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Nintendo Announces New Select Titles for Wii

With months left until the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, you may be looking for some quality content to enjoy on your Wii in the meantime. Thanks to Nintendo’s Select line, you can do so at a budget price. Nintendo is expanding their Select line with four new titles that will carry the $19.99 price point.  The new titles include a healthy helping Mario, including Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Strikers Charged. The list also includes 2009’s Punch-Out!! These titles will be available at the reduce price starting August 28th.

Starting September 16th for Europeans, Super Mario Galaxy will also be available as a select, as well as Twilight Princess, which is already a select title in North America.

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Europeans get to show their love for Punch-Out!! with new Club Nintendo item

European Club Nintendo users can get their very own Mini Punch-Out!! gloves for 2500 stars.

“Get rid of the furry dice in your car and hang up these PUNCH-OUT!! gloves! Perfect for displaying your devotion to all things boxing-related, these little guys weigh in at 8.5cm x 6cm and are made of polyurethane.”

Their available right now so if you have some stars to spare, head over to the Club Nintendo website to get your pair!

The Club Nintendo bonus that almost was

When the Club Nintendo awards hit, Elite members were hit with a hard choice. The choice between a Mario hat or Doc-louis’ Punch-Out downloadable game. While these rewards are great and should be appreciated by any Nintendo Fan; Nintendo Originally was going to do something a little more retro.

We decided that this game should be a downloadable reward, so it needed to be a fairly compact game experience. We came up with idea of creating a low-fi NES-style game with Doc Louis, and having him participate in an 8-bit bicycle race with upbeat chip-tune music” said Shu Fujii Assistant manager of Planning and Development at Nintendo of America.

Would you have wanted this over Doc Louis Punch-out?

(Source: Nintendo Dpad)