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First Online Enhanced Virtual Console Title

The content of Virtual Consoles titles, for the most part, are unaltered. Unless there are legal reasons, of course. But SEGA is doing something we had no idea was possible on the Virtual Console, at least by Nintendo’s approval. They’re adding online functionality to a title.

SEGA Puyo-Puyo series is getting a release on Nintendo’s Virtual Console Arcade in Japan. The title will fully support an online multiplayer mode.

While you may not be pumped for some online Puyo-Puyo action, this opens up a huge amount of possibilities for classic titles on the Virtual Console. Playing friends online in the original Smash Bros or taking it co-op in Contra would definitely be welcome features. We will have to wait and see though if this functionality moves out of just this one title. ¬†Maybe we’ll eventually see the same on the 3DS with the Virtual Console, emulating using system link on Gameboy or something.

What classics would you like to see with online enhancements?

(Source: NintendoLife)
(Image Source: Inside Games)

SEGA Working on Multiple “Projects” for Sonic and Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary

Mario? That fella is old! He just turned 25! Why can’t be there be a iconic mascot for a gaming company who isn’t over the age of 21? Oh, there is! Next year (soon to be this year), SEGA will be celebrating Sonic’s, and Puyo Puyo’s, 20th anniversary. The company has announced that they have multiple “projects” in the works for both franchises.

So, what could a “project” be? Well… really anything. A game, an event, merchandise, you name it! In terms of Puyo Puyo, I have no idea what to expect. But for Sonic, there were rumors floating around earlier this year that SEGA is currently working on a semi-remake/compilation¬†of classic Sonic levels from the original Sonic the Hedgehog all the way up Sonic Adventure 2, redone with new 3D visuals and the more modern 2D/3D gameplay.

With big announcements set for Sonic in early 2011, we’re bound to find out sooner rather than later. So keep your eyes peeled.

(Source: andriasang)