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CAVE Releases New Akai Katana Shin Footage

With the release of Akai Katana Shin in Japan sometime next month, CAVE is making sure that everyone is ready for their 23rd game by releasing a huge batch of trailers that can be viewed after the jump. The first two trailers are tutorials demonstrating the gameplay mechanics and controls of Akai Katana and Akai Katana Shin respectivly (Shin is the equivalent of the game’s arranged mode). The third trailer demonstrates the game’s “Zetsu” mode which is another arrange mode exclusive to the console version. The fourth trailer shows gameplay by an expert at the game, showing off the advanced combo methods that can be found in the game while the fifth trailer shows what beginners can achieve from┬áthe game (and the genre in general) by displaying basic gameplay. The final trailer is a general release trailer displaying details of the game’s story (as if anyone cares about that), gameplay, music, limited edition and various other parts written in incomprehensible japanese. There is currently no word on an english release however considering the relative success of Deathsmiles in Europe and America, hopefully Aksys and Rising Star can rectify that problem.

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