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New Freebie: Viriax

Viriax is a vertical platformer of sorts where you are a virus swimming through a victims organs to infect their core and kill them. It features some “Top Quality FMV” surrounding the levels and for the most part is about time your swimming correctly to dodge and kill nanobots and white blood cells.  The in game graphics are a classic 16 bit style and look really cool. It is also, as many games are going now-a-days a procedurely generated game with randomly created levels. You can get it over here at Locomalito, creator’s of Hydorah and the FPS 8bit Killer.


Play TurboGrafx-16 Games On Your iPhone

A TurboGrafx-16 app was just released on iPhone and is free to download. It comes with one game “Worlds Sports Competition”. You can buy other games at around 3 dollars a pop, the games included for purchase currently will be listed after the jump, most notably you can get Gradius, China Warrior, and Bomberman ’94. I hope you are ready to see some huge sprites on your phone because the time has come.

This seems odd to me since the TurboGrafx-16 did not have the largest audience in America that this is even coming here. It was fondly remembered in Japan as the PC-Engine, so that version of the app makes perfect since. The TG-16 was primarily known for it’s sprite scaling ability and while it wasn’t actually a 16 bit system it did have some huge sprites.