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Review: Pokemon Conquest!

Nobunaga’s Ambition never took off stateside (what with it being an in-depth war sim about feudal Japan) but it’s an accomplished series in Japan with installments on many systems ranging from the NES to the Playstation 2. Even with that kind of success, combining the series with Pokemon seems like an odd choice. It’s like combining Age of Empires with Digimon: not necessarily a bad idea, but still bizarre. Despite all this, Pokemon Conquest (literally called Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition in Japan) does an excellent job of blending the simple fighting and training gameplay of a Pokemon game with the deeper mechanics of a war sim, even if it’s sometimes more complex than it needs to be.

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Duke Nukem Forever Review

We all thought he was gone forever, but Duke Nukem is back! Twelve years in the making, it was thought we would never see him – Gearbox made sure that that was not the case. Can Duke still hold his own after twelve years out in the development wilderness? Or has he now become something of a joke, out of place in this modern time of gaming? Let’s dive in.

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Epic Mickey Review Compilation

While my review of Epic Mickey won’t be coming out until after Christmas, here’s some of the reviews compiled together from the rest of the gaming journalism world.

GamesRadar (9/10): “It’s a life-affirming tribute to both forgotten characters and game genres well worth remembering, with an all new added twist. And contrary to how it looks, there’s a startling amount of maturity and replayability wrapped within this family-friendly package.”

IGN (8/10): “Ultimately, the positive elements of Epic Mickey do manage to make this worth a shot. Going in with the proper level of expectation should manage to keep some of the WiiMote throwing to a minimum… just keep that wrist strap tight.”

CVG (7.5/10): “Disney Epic Mickey, with its freeform nature and deep exploration, has plenty of appeal – and completists and adventure fans may even adore it. But its rough edges ultimately dampen its potential. If only it had been given an extra lick of paint…”

Game Informer (7/10): “Epic Mickey goes out of its way to show gamers Walt Disney’s body of work, but rarely fires on a level that turns this beloved content into exciting gameplay.”

Eurogamer (6/10): “Fundamentally, Epic Mickey misunderstands what people love about Mickey Mouse. He simply doesn’t fit in this grim, post-modern dystopia, dripping with bitter-sweet nods to forgotten corners of Disney lore, nor does he need to confront his dark commercial heart to stay relevant in 2010.”

I personally choose to read into GamesRadar, mostly because Epic Micky is an epic part of my Christmas list [and its what I want to hear!].

Source:  Joystiq

Ain’t That a Kick in the Head? : Fallout New Vegas Review

I recently became obsessed with the Fallout universe, and with the recent release of Fallout New Vegas, I immediately knew I wanted to experience more of the greatness that was Fallout 3.  So, does New Vegas continue to keep my attention within the Fallout universe, or did it go bust?  Find out more in my full review after the jump.

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I “Saw” What You Did There : Deadrising 2 Review

I was originally going to write about Okami this week.  However, my plans changed after this game was shoved into my face, and my cousin demanding I finish it.  Being somebody that has a fantastic taste in games, I trusted his judgement in playing the game.  The result?  Well, you’ll just have to join me after the jump for the full review.  ;D

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Pokemon Black/White Review

Thanks to the fine people over at PlayAsia.com, I was able to import and aquire a Japanese copy of the new Pokemon Black/White video game.  It’s no secret in the forum that I’m the 2nd biggest pokemon fan at TSG, so does this game live up to my expectations, or did it fall by the wayside?

After the jump, learn the truth behind the game’s storyline, the revolutionized gameplay, and the world’s newest pokemon.

Oh, and to obviously get this out of the way.


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TSG Video Review: Metroid Other M

TSG Video Reviews are just like any other review. BUT VIDEO!

This is my first video review and I believe the first TSG Video Review so I think I sound abit stilted and occasionally hard to hear. Tell me what you think in the comments so I can improve future reviews.


You can check it out after the jump.

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