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Panzer Dragoon Saga Retrospective

When defining the term “Japanese Role Playing Game” or JRPG for short, a number of different conventions are usually associated with this. There’s the “Classic JRPG” sub-genre, referring to games in the SNES/NES era such as Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest I-VI/ Final Fantasy I-VI, the original Phantasy Star games etc. that were known for their unique turn based battle systems, simple stories told in a complex way and a sense of charm and character that many people have expressed as being lost in modern JRPGs (it’s this reason why the Ys series is such a cult hit in this day and age). About a decade later came the sixth generation of gaming where the PS2/GameCube/Dreamcast were able to take designers ambitions and translate them into some truly fantastic JRPG’s such as Persona 3/4, Skies of Arcadia, Shadow Hearts, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (stay tuned…) and so on. While people may decry the direction that most Japanese games are going in (Including Xenoblade Chronicles: A game so notoriously bad it was never released in America!), the era most fondly remembered by many people was the transition to the PS1 era.

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Role-Playing Games to Action Adventure Games

Everyday there are debates about what games are truly RPGs (role-playing games). Lots of people consider The Legend of Zelda series an RPG, when the series is actually an action-adventure title; with the exception of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, which is an action RPG. There are some people who believe that an RPG is defined as playing the role of a character in the game. The issue with that statement revolves around the knowledge of every game. Every video game results in the gamer picking up some sort of controller and playing the role of a character in their video game of choice. With this knowledge, every game would be defined as an RPG.

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screenshots Abound

Square Enix has finally released a slew of screenshots from the poorly named Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. If you missed the initial announcement Square Enix is releasing a rhythm based Final Fantasy game that will include remixes of fan favorite songs from the series and several styles of play such as Field and Battle.

The screenshot’s point to the game being closer to the rhythm adventure games of the PS2 and PS1 era, Mad Maestro, Gitaroo Man, and Parappa the Rapper, rather than the modern iterations of the genre such as Guitar Hero and Rockband. You can judge for yourself in the gallery after the jump.


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U.S. Last Story Trademark Filed For

Trademarks aren’t always garauntees that a game will be coming to a given territory, but Nintendo has registered The Last Story, a wii exclusive RPG, for the U.S. The game has been confirmed for both Europe and has already been released in Japan so there really isn’t a great deal of localization that Nintendo would need to do to release it in America.

The kids over at Operation Rainfall have been trying to get several Wii-exclusive RPG’s released over in the U.S in what is a pretty huge drought for the Wii in general. Here’s to hoping that their efforts have led to an actual release of the intriguing RPG.

(Source: Gameinformer)

More Info on Dragon’s Dogma

It’s mostly basic stuff but Capcom is providing some information to help us understand how Dragon’s Dogma is going to play. It seems that the game is based on simple actions like drawing a sword, grabbing, light and weak attacks. This will not be a Devil May Cry level combo driven action game. Instead the action looks focused on using simple actions
efficiently. This could be a very cool game if Capcom uses the open world aspect well and has lots of optional content and more super cool giant monsters to fight Shadow of the Colossus style.


Atlus games cheap on Amazon

Atlus, creator of such great RPG’s as Radiant Historia and Persona, is the deal of the day today on amazon. It’s a one day sale of tons of Atlus games. Tinycartridge pointed me to it and I thought I would share it with TSG. The most notable deals are 50% off Persona 4, 64% off of Trauma Team, 46% off of Demon’s souls, and 20% off of Radiant Historia. You can check out the deals for yourself right here.



More Info on Pandora’s Tower

Pandora’s Tower is the recently announced Wii RPG being published by nintendo. Featuring a girl who has to eat the flesh of beast’s to keep from turning into one, and you has the person who fetches those beast’s.  The control scheme and actions that you can perform in the game are the main news here. The plot has your character wielding a chain that can rip flesh off of beast’s for the heroine, Ceres, to eat and and for swinging around and using it to contrain beasts to go in for the kill.


The whip like motion of the chain makes it seem like motion controls would be certain, however they are allowing you to control with a classic controller or a Wii Remote and Nunchuck. There are many doubts that this game will ever see a US release, but it sure looks interesting.


Trailer for the English Version of Inazuma 11

Inazuma 11 has been around for quite a while in japan and has been successful enough to spawn 4 games from Level-5 so far. Inazuma 11 is essentially a soccer RPG for the DS based on the Pokemon gotta-catch-em-all method. There are tons of players that you can get onto your team and you need to go convince them so that you can continue to win against all odds. It’s finally coming to the west now, but only in europe so I suppose us Americans can always import the European version.

Me being a big sports anime fan I really want to check this game out, and I might just import it to do so. Check out the english trailer after the jump.


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EA to Co-Publish Secret World MMO with Funcom

Funcom gained a name in the MMO space with Anarchy their sci-fi themed MMO from quite a long time ago. More recently they release the, lets say underwhelming, Age of Conan and are seeking to release a 3rd MMO. Secret World seems pretty interesting in that it’s set in modern times and has you facing off against the creatures of the night. The only issue being that there is no big property behind The Secret World while the currently in development World of Darkness MMO has the combined weight of an entire Table Top game universe.

(Game Informer)

Atari Announces New Dungeons & Dragons Game

I have personaly played a lot of real D&D and hours upon hours of Neverwinter Nights and it’s expansion. Dungeons & Dragons is the generic fantasy universe for me and I am super excited to see more games coming.

Atari Just Announced a Downloadable Hack & Slash Game Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale for XBLA, PSN, and PC. It will of course have the trademarks of western RPG’s such as a highly customizable character, multiple classes, loot, and dungeon crawls.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

(Source: Giantbomb)

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