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Suda51 and Shinji Mikami reveal new Shadows of the Damned trailer

Shadows of the DAMNED! is a third person action game formed with the partnership of Grasshopper Manufacture (Well known for their niche games such as Killer7 and No More Heroes) and EA Interactive (Known for their even more niche games such as M.U.L.E, Terra Driver and whatever Madden is). The game is set to come out in America for June 21st after being pushed back by two weeks. To lessen the wait, Suda51 and Shinji Mikami (The developers of the game) prepared a rather bizarre (and that’s putting it LIGHTLY) trailer demonstrating some of the gameplay concepts they introduced in the game along with some more gameplay footage. Anyone who can remember as far back as 2006 will remember that Grasshopper released some concept art for a game called Kurayami which seems to have a lot of the concepts from that game introduced into Shadows. The trailer can be viewed after the jump.

Source: (Joystiq)

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Shadows of the Damned Monster Concept Art Surfaces

Shadows of the Damned is the product of an unusual collaboration between Grasshopper Manufacture (Creators of Killer7 and the No More Heroes series) and EA (the company that EVERYONE knows because they publish Soukyugurentai under the name Terra Diver to the US, making it the first time a Raizing game has made its way to western territories… and EA make a couple of sports games that no-one really knows much about). The game focuses on Garcia Hotspur’s quest to go into the depths of Hell to rescue his girlfriend. Some new concept art from the game was recently released today showing some of the nightmareish monsters from the game including monsters with minotaurs clouded in electricity, Zombies with exoskeletons and a guy with a cage round his face. See the full roster after the jump.

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Shadows of the DAMNED! Recieves new trailer

Shadows of the DAMNED! Is the Third Person Shooter action game from the “Nightmare Team” of Suda 51 (No More Heroes, Killer7), Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil series) and Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill Composer). As part of GDC, Grasshopper Manufacture revealed a new trailer for the game as well as letting attendants having the very first chance to play the game. For anyone who isn’t currently at GDC right now, A trailer was also supplied showing Garcia Hotspur’s wave after wave of demons to save the woman he loves, While riding a motorbike. The trailer in question can be viewed after the jump.

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Shadows of the DAMNED! Gets June 7th release

Thanks to the recent Games Developers Conference that is currently taking place, EA confirmed today that the latest game by the insane genius’s at Grasshopper Manufacture: Shadows of the DAMNED! Would recieve a release on June 7th. According to CVG, This will be a worldwide release for the game which is very good news for anyone not willing to shell out more money in order to import. Grasshopper have already confirmed that they will be announcing a brand new title at the end of this month via a live broadcast through Ustream dubbed “Grassstream 2: Travis vs Garcia” (Refering to the protagnists of No More Heroes and the aformentioned Shadows of the DAMNED!) so with Grasshopper continuing their conquest to become the greatest games company in the world, It’ll be interesting to see what else they have in store for their fans.

Source: (Siliconera)

Shadows of the DAMNED Recieves new screenshots

As part of Suda51’s plan to take over the world, his company Grasshopper Manufacture has been producing games that range from Insane (No More Heroes) to even more Insane (Killer7). His most notable new project is Shadows of the DAMNED! Which stars Garcia Hotspur who travels through hell to battle the forces of darkness to save his loved one (How romantic). Either way, A large batch of screenshots were released for the game most notably a giant blood monster displayed as a boss and proof that exploding barrels always mak an FPS more fun. The full bunch of screenshots can be found here.

Source: (Joystiq)