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Trouble Witches Hits XBLA April 27th

Troubles Witches is the latest game by former fighting game devs SNK (Still waiting on KOFXIII home port SNK) that marks SNK’s first original SHmup of this generation (They previously released King of Fighters: Sky Stage and Neo Geo Ultimate Heroes on XBLA and PSN respectivly). The game is effectivly SNK’s equivalent of DeathSmiles as current trailers show a plethora of loli characters (even more with DLC) firing bullets of every colour of the rainbow with beautiful 2D graphics, a rock soundtrack, and basically everything that made DeathSmiles so great. Trouble Witch is set to be released for XBLA for 800MSP (The same as Guwange, Strania, KOF: Sky Stage and pretty much every SHmup on XBLA not called R-Type or Raystorm) so if DeathSmiles didn’t satisfy your love of SHmups, try out Trouble Witches on April 27th.

Source: (Andriasang)

Mamoru Kun gets PS3 Demo Next Week

Mamoru Kun is a Vertizontal SHmup (Vertizontal meaning that the game is designed to be played on an unTATEd TV (TATE meaning that you turn your TV horizontally to get it to the original arcade aspect ration)) that unlike other current gen SHmups, is a PS3 exclusive. This means that the game will be region free by default which is great for anyone who regulary shells out ridiculous amounts of money for whatever SHmups are avaliable. What is nice about this, is that CyberConnect are also releasing a demo of the game through JP PSN. The demo will contain the first two stages of the game from three of the rather large cast of playable characters. The demo goes live on JP PSN on March 17th (Anyone can make a JP PSN accoutn so it’s worth a look) and the actual game gets its standard and limited editions released on March 31st.

Source: (Andriasang)

Strania hitting XBLA March 30th

The Xbox Live Arcade has a decent backlog of SHmups involving remakes of old classics such as R Type Dimensions, Danmaku’s such as CAVE’s own Guwange and… Whatever the hell Triggerheart Exelcia is. Which makes it all the more interesting that G Rev who helped publish the aformationed Triggerheart as well as creating the MASTERPIECE that is Senko no Ronde DUO as well as the respectible Mamoru Kun (Which is known as pretty much the only PS3 Retail SHmup) and the Dramcast Cult hits that are Under Defeat and Border Down, released more details about their latest XBLA project entitled Strania.

Strania is thematically designed to resemble that of an 80’s shooter except with Mechas. Your mecha can hold three weapons, one in each hand plus a reserve item. Weapons include homing missiles, lasers, bombs, a bullet that bounces, and a sword. Pressing the B button cycles through the different configurations. If you have a sword and a gun your mecha will slash then shoot. It’s possible to pick up two swords, which gives you a special attack. Strania will contain 5 main stages with a 6th stage avaliable if you beat the game on hard mode. The game will be released worldwide on XBLA on March 30th and the rather awesome trailer can be found after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

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Milestone Shooting Collection 2 Contains Five Shmups

The first Milestone shooting collection was a collection of three relativly obscure shmups brought from Japan and collected onto one disc for the Wii (although it was only released in the US much for the disgruntled UK shmup fans to complain about). Well now, Milestone has announced their second shooting collection will also be exclusive for the Wii. The collection in question will contain the following five shmups:


Chaos Field

Radio Allergy

Radio Allergy Noa


The original collection comprised itself of the first three games and now the latter two have been added for the second anthology. There’s no confirmation as to whether this will be released overseas or not though it’s a collection of interesting shooted that deserved to be played by any fan of the genre.

Source: (Siliconera)

Neo Geo: Ultimate Shooting Heroes getting released in the US

While SNK is unloading their large backlog of games onto XBLA (KOF2002UM came out a couple of weeks ago), They are continuing to release new titles on  regular basis ranging from good (Neo Geo: Ultimate Shooting Collection) to bad (King of Fighters XII) to the downright bizzare (Trouble Witches). Speking of NG:USC, ESRB accidently let slip that the gae would be getting an international releassefor the PSP. The game is considered to be a Spiritual Sequel to KOF: Sky Stage that was released on XBLA a couple of months ago (It’s also an unlockable game in NG:USC itself). The game itself contains ten playable characters with the main bulk being from the KOF series with other characters from there SNK series most noticeable being Marco from Metal Slug. No release dat has been confirmed as of yet.

Source: (Siliconera)

Guwange to be Released on XBLA on October 10th

Guwange was one of the first games to be made by CAVE which helped to cement their reputation as what is probably the best Shmup company of all time. Yesterday Masato Asada (Main guy in charge of PR) announced that the game would be released WORLDWIDE for 800 points on XBLA on November 10th. Along with the original game, there will be the arranged version that specfically designed for the 360 and an arranged Blue mode that was unveiled at CAVE fest 2010.

Source: (Andriasang)