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Disney Interactive Studios Shuts Down Propaganda Games

Is the closure of Bizzare Creations getting you down? Well, it seems like the hammer has struck twice (like the analogy?) as another company, namely Propaganda Games, has also been shut down.

This Vancouver-based company was formed by Disney Interactive Studios in 2005 and began work on its first project, Turok. The company wasn’t having very much success in later years, recieving many payroll cuts and cancellations on projects they had been working on.

Their most recent game, Tron: Evolution, the tie in with Tron: Legacy, received average reviews.

Yesterday, Disney confirmed that the company was no more, saying, “Disney Interactive Studios confirms the closure of its Vancouver-based internal game development studio, Propaganda Games. The studio has completed all work associated with its most recent project.”

Who will we turn to now to spawn infinite amounts of “Tron” jokes at the next marathon?????

(Source: Gamespot)