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Treasure Working On “New 3D Action Shooter”

Treasure is sliding off of its american release of Sin and Punishment 2 and moving onto bigger and better things, like a “new 3D action shooting game project.

The project was revealed via job openings for programmers at the company. The question is now, which 3D do they mean? 3D polygons? Or the new fancy 3D? If its the former, it could be on any platform. But if its the latter, the Nintendo 3DS  or PlayStation 3 seem like the most likely candidates.

(source: andriasang)

Nintendo Confirms Metroid Other M and Sin and Punishment 2 Delays; Dates DSiWare and WiiWare Titles

Nintendo of America has confirmed that both Metroid: Other M and Sin and Punishment: Star Successor will be delayed. Metroid: Other M is now set for a August 31sat release date. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is set for June 27th.

Nintendo also announced release dates of the WiiWare title Bit.Trip.Runner and a bunch of DSiWare titles. You can check those out after the jump.

(Source: GoNintendo)

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Rumor: Metroid: Other M Delayed to Unknown Date; Sin and Punishment 2 Gets A Slight Delay

It looks like we may not be getting three big Nintendo titles in less then a month as we originally thought.

According to an anonymous source, Metroid: Other M has been delayed to a “TBD” date . Sin and Punishment 2 has also supposedly taking a hit with it now being listed as launching June 27th, rather then the previous June 6th date.

This post would basically have no credibility, coming from a random user on neogaf, if it wasn’t for the fact both Walmart and BestBuy have changed the dates for both titles on their online websites.

BestBuy, specifically, lists Sin and Punishment 2 for 6/27 which would match up. Both Walmart and BestBuy list Metroid: Other M for random dates later in the year now.

Honestly, I really think the releases were bunched too close to each other in the first place. I’m kind of glad to see that they are spaced out now, but I’m sure Metroid fans won’t be happy.

Thankfully, for Europe there has been no signs of delay for Sin and Punishment 2. Metroid: Other M‘s release date is currently set for Q3 in Europe.

(Via: GoNintendo)

Nintendo’s release list shows of new titles; Monado renamed; Sin and Punishment 2 is on NA list (Update)

Nintendo’s release list tells lots of little bits of information. First of all Metroid Other M has a Summer 2010 release. Two unknown Wii games are listed, Kensakusu and 100 Go De Start Eikaiwa, which we have no details on.

RPG wise The Last Story, which was announced earlier, got a listing for 2010 and despite still being listed as Monado: Beginning of the World in North America  it seems the title got a name change to XENOBLADE as you can see in the Japanese release section.

Now for the bad news, if you look at the last release list North America still had Sin and Punishment 2 listed…and now it’s gone. Europe thankfully, still has it listed, but North Americans looking forward to the title should be concerned since it’s not unlike Nintendo to back out of a smaller title like that. That’s all speculation on my part, but still the fact that it is missing is concerning.

(Update: Oh, Sin and Punishment is on the list. Guess i skimmed over it)

Another piece of disappointing news is that Cosmic Walker is no longer listed,  unless it had a name change to Kensakusu or 100 Go De Start Eikaiwa.

You can check out the full list with your own eyes after the jump.

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New Sin and Punishment 2 Trailers

Overview Trailer

Nintendo has been saying in most Interviews that Sin and Punishment 2 is going to be a fairly large hardcore title for them, but I still get paranoid about localization when ever a title doesn’t have a huge franchise name slapped on it. I really hope Nintendo doesn’t just let this title disapper like they have with Disaster: Day of Crisis, Fatal Frame IV, and Another Code R in North America (Europe too for Fatal Frame).  Keep your fingers crossed.

Sin and Punishment 2 is currently set for a Q1 2010 release in both North America and Europe.

The Story Trailer and the Japanese Commercial are after the jump. Update: Corrected video for commercial

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