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Tony Hawk: Shred Dated for October 26th

Tony Hawk: Shred is going to be the second game to use the under-performing Ride controller that shipped with the last Tony Hawk installment. This game is supposed to be brighter and targeted at a younger audience than Ride was.

The Tony Hawk franchise were the first to really bring skateboarding games into the fore-front. It has recently been overshadowed by the EA’s Skate games. Activision rebooted the game with the Ride Skateboard peripheral controller. There were complaints that the controller did not afford enough freedom of movement in Tony Hawk: Ride. There is no real information as the how Shred is going to address these issue but there is a site where you can see some of the tricks they have added and the game is going be released on October 26th in NA and on the 28th in Europe.