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Sketchin’!! – Squishy Cobra vs. A Donut



Excuse me, were you acting like you didn’t need a squishy cobra trying to eat a donut? Because you’re wrong!

If you think this is cute, then go ahead and vote for this design over at Squishable.com! Voting only has about a week to go, and I need to get this little guy’s score up if I want to win! If it wins, it’ll be made into a real plush and sold on the site, and if that happens, I’ll totally bring the squishy cobra to future marathons. So get in there, give it a 5 downvote all the others and let’s win this thing!

Sketchin’!! – Sandile’s Got MOXIE


… Ugh, being under the weather sucks. BUT ANYWAY like most of you I’ve been enjoying the snot out of Pokémon Black & White. I have Black and a friend of mine has White, and we basically traveled Unova in sync, challenging gym leaders simultaneously before splitting up to explore on our own. FUN TIMES! We also traded many Pokémon to each other to get boosted experience points. I thought Sandile was adorable, so he caught me one and named him CrocDuster. Duster turned out to have Moxie as his ability, which makes me laugh every time. It makes me think that whenever he knocks out an opponent, he throws up jazz hands and yells MOXIE!! before his Attack stat rises. Anyway, my battle with Elesa was nice because after my Musharna put her first Emolga to sleep, I sent in Duster. He fainted it, got MOXIE!!, which helped him faint the next Emolga, which added to his MOXIE!! again. By the time she sent out Zebstrika, Duster was strong enough to take it out with one Dig. MOXIE!!

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Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 7

Back again for more of everyone’s favorite crazy Pokémon adventures! Alder the Empoleon was using his brains to fend off a powerful Metagross, while LavaLamper the Magmar was trying to keep up with a pesky Ampharos. Can anything put a stop to this tug of war?

ALSO weird question but does anyone have a box to Pokémon Sapphire that I can steal forever? I still have the game and instructions and stuff. I just want the box. YOU WOULD HAVE MY UNENDING GRATITUDE. And no I’m not going to use the box to sell the game or whatever. It’s just that I use some of my old game boxes to decorate my shelves and my Sapphire one got destroyed ages ago.

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Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 3

WAHOOO! Now our two heroes have entered the arena. The battle has begun! But how long will it last? Time for TAG BATTLE! PART 3!

Also, have you tipped off Kotaku about the 2.B.A Master promo video? You can tell them that it’s been featured on GoNintendo, Destructoid, and some Polish site I’m unfamiliar with. I guess that’d explain all the hits from Poland, huh. I also left a thank-you comment on the Spanish dub of the video and the uploader said he’s going to donate during the marathon! That’s awesome! I wonder if we’ll need to read a few donation comments in Spanish and Polish during the show.

Remember, the bigger the video gets, the more attention the marathon gets! That’s the whole reason it’s there, so use it to the fullest!

And with that, let’s see what the two trainers are up to…

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Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 2

Now more stupid monster fun! When we last left our hero, she had to team up with a refined rich boy in order to defeat two opponents in a 2-on-2 match. She decided to train at the city dump, which didn’t make her partner happy at all. But what about their Pokémon? Will they get along? Find out in TAG BATTLE! PART 2!

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