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Why I Like: Skylanders

We all know Activision is well-known for milking a cash cow until they die (see the history of the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk franchises), and that might be the fate of the extremely popular toy and video game crossover title, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, but can’t we enjoy it while its new and still good? Something as innovative and well put together as this deserves some positive attention, and it’s just not fair how many people are immediately writing it off as just another attempt to cash in on needy children and the parents willing to spend anything to make them happy. In reality, it’s a good game with a great premise that happens to suffer from being under Activision’s greedy control.

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Why I Hate: Skylanders

We were all once kids. In fact some of us still are, so we remember fondly looking for the newest action figure, dolly or toy we could get our hands on to bolster our collection – sometimes we only had one or two, but our imagination let them be the rest of the possible collection that we were unable to get. Why am I talking about this? Simple, today’s equivalent of this  – Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure is something I feel like tearing into, so stand back and watch as I do so.

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