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How Are Lunch, Coffee, and Snatcher Related?

Who knows! But if you have been following Kojima on twitter today, he has had a rather curious day.


I’m having an early lunch for some reason,” was followed by, “I’m having a cappuccino with Jiro [Oishi, Kojima Production’s PR manager] for some reason.” Sounds like your everyday tweet’n, right? Then he follows these statements later with “I’ve readied a complete Snatcher set for some reason,” posting a picture of the PC engine version of Snatcher, complete with the console in the background and, for some reason, a copy of Castlevania Rondo of Blood under the copy of Snatcher.


Very curious indeed. This could mean absolutely nothing, or it could mean absolutely something. Who knows! Kojima always has a lot on his plate, literally oho-ho-ho! You can find his lunch, coffee, and Snatcher images after the jump.


(Source: andriasang)

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Monkey Paw Games Interested in Bringing Policenauts and Snatcher to PSN and XBLA; Localizing Japanese PSone Classics and Virtual Console Games

Monkey Paw games is a fairly new company and hasn’t even announced any projects yet. But we do know their purpose: to bring previously unreleased Japanese games to North America via digital download.

While Monkey Paw games didn’t get into any specifics about specific titles they will be localizing during their interview with Joystiq, they did start to detail their companies plans. Right now they are looking into bringing over Japanese PSone Classics and Virtual Console titles to North America. They are also working on full blown remakes of Japanese titles to update them to todays standards in terms of gameplay, visuals, and design. Sounds a lot like what Sunsoft is doing right now.

When asked by Joqstiq to pick their dream game to bring to XBLA and/or PSN, he replied “I would have to go to Konami, because they have so many great games, and I’d have to start with Policenauts and Snatcher.” Although, he was aware of the localized SEGA CD port of Snatcher.

Of course, those aren’t concrete plans. But if Konami ever wants some one to port or remake the titles, they know who to go to.

Monkey Paw plans on announcing more specifics soon.