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Trouble Witches Hits XBLA April 27th

Troubles Witches is the latest game by former fighting game devs SNK (Still waiting on KOFXIII home port SNK) that marks SNK’s first original SHmup of this generation (They previously released King of Fighters: Sky Stage and Neo Geo Ultimate Heroes on XBLA and PSN respectivly). The game is effectivly SNK’s equivalent of DeathSmiles as current trailers show a plethora of loli characters (even more with DLC) firing bullets of every colour of the rainbow with beautiful 2D graphics, a rock soundtrack, and basically everything that made DeathSmiles so great. Trouble Witch is set to be released for XBLA for 800MSP (The same as Guwange, Strania, KOF: Sky Stage and pretty much every SHmup on XBLA not called R-Type or Raystorm) so if DeathSmiles didn’t satisfy your love of SHmups, try out Trouble Witches on April 27th.

Source: (Andriasang)

Neo Geo Ultimate Shooting to be released on PSN… Today

In a move that has taken the ENTIRE gaming world by storm, Neo Geo Ultimate Shooting was released on PSN today without SNK telling ANYONE about it. Their last SHmup, King of Fighters: Sky Stage was so popular that there was a worldwide 360 shortage and the entire of the United States went into another recession as people would rather play KOF than contribute to society. So it’s understandable that SNK wants to keep their latet genre defying masterpiece: Neo Geo Ultimate Shooting under wraps.

However this was to no avail! As through the mighty powers of the “internets” news spread of the hidden releas like WILDFIRE as people through their copies of Black Ops down onto the floor to download the absolute peak of their gaming career. SNK have taken good measures to prevent PSP’s from melting down into pure SHmup joy by pricing the game at $19.99 to slow down the masses but this will not stop the masses from buying software which is the gaming equivalent of a child being born into a loving family (only with bullets).

Now GO TSG! Download this game from PSN so SNK can make Mark of the Wolves 2 and I finally have another reason to live on this awful planet! (Other reason being Mark of the Wolves 1 of course).

Neo Geo: Ultimate Shooting Heroes getting released in the US

While SNK is unloading their large backlog of games onto XBLA (KOF2002UM came out a couple of weeks ago), They are continuing to release new titles on  regular basis ranging from good (Neo Geo: Ultimate Shooting Collection) to bad (King of Fighters XII) to the downright bizzare (Trouble Witches). Speking of NG:USC, ESRB accidently let slip that the gae would be getting an international releassefor the PSP. The game is considered to be a Spiritual Sequel to KOF: Sky Stage that was released on XBLA a couple of months ago (It’s also an unlockable game in NG:USC itself). The game itself contains ten playable characters with the main bulk being from the KOF series with other characters from there SNK series most noticeable being Marco from Metal Slug. No release dat has been confirmed as of yet.

Source: (Siliconera)

King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match hitting XBLA November 3rd

The updated version of KOF2002 will be released on XBLA on November 3rd. the original KOF2002 was said to be one of the best games in the series along with KOF1998 asthey were part of the Dream Match series which allowed all the characters in the previous entries in that series to be playable regardless of the games continuity. This updated version will have 66 characters, updated graphics and BGM along with online play like their previous outings (Such as Mark of the Wolves). 2002UM was played at Tougeki this year along with an updated version of the game given that removes some of the glitches the game had and it rebalanced the game. It is unknown whether the original version or the debugged game will be avaliable.

Source: (Andriasang)

King of Fighters: Sky Stage confirmed to be coming to North America

ESRB, The ratings board which determines what age you have to be in order to buy said game has given a rating to the latest spinoff in the popular fighting game series, King of Fighters: Sky Stage hence confirming that the game will be released overseas to North America users sometime this fall (or to Europeans, this autumn) on Xbox Live Arcade with King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match to be released roughly the same time in Japan. Check for details about the game after the jump

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The King of Fighters XIII to Include Mai Shiranui; Super Tiny Off-Screen Footage

Mai Shiranui missed out on The King of Fighters XII, but she will be back in action in The King of Fighters XIII. You can check out her announcement image after the jump.

Kotaku also caught some of the first footage of The King of Fighters XIII. Unfortunately, it is very small and  low quality so it is difficult to see what exactly is going on. Be sure to jump over there and check it out.

The King of Fighters XIII is planned for a Summer release for arcades in Japan, but a console version has yet to be announced.

(Mai Announcement: Siliconerea)

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