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Nintendo Download for North America November 30th

I thought I was waking up early, but it was 2pm. That’s not early. So here are your two hours and thirty minutes late Nintendo Download update.

This week is pretty hefty. On WiiWare we’ve got Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4 (1,000 points), My Zoo (500 points), Copter Crisis (500 points),  and Christmas Clix (500 points). Virtual Console now has the Arcade Version of Solomon’s Key (600 points)  plus the Comba Tribes(800 points) on the Super Nintendo.  Last but not least, DSiWare now has Sudoku Challenge! (500 points), Master of Illusions: Express Mind Probe (200 points),  Book Worm (500 points), and FotoFace: The Face Stealer Strikes (800 points).

Hit the jump for more details about each title.

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