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Sonic Classic Collection gets a limited edition in Spain

I’m not sure if we have any members from Spain. In case you do happen to be from Spain and happen to like Sonic as well, you may want to grab the limited edition version of Sonic Classic Collection for the DS.

In addition to the game, which has the original three Genesis / Mega Drive Sonic titles along with Sonic & Knuckles, players will be able to grab themselves a tin case, a small Sonic figure (5CM), and five cards.

As of right now this deal is exclusive to Spain, so be sure to cross your fingers that the limited edition heads to your region.

Sonic Classic Collection currently has a March 2010 release window.

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Sonic and Knuckles for XBLA complete with cartridge stacking…kind of…

Sonic and Knuckles will be available on September 9th for download on XBLA; But not without one of its most important features, the ability to use it with other Sonic games you have purchased on XBLA.  Owning Sonic the Hedgehog unlocks Blue sphere. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 lets you play the games as knuckles and still includes the extra power ups and before inaccessible areas. Last but not least, having Sonic the Hedgehog 3 will allow you to play as Knuckles as well.

Depending on who you are, this could be a cool addition or just Sega trying to tempt you to buy the other games. The magic of cartridge stacking isn’t actually there but it is kind of neat that Sega tried to embrace it.

(Source: Shacknews)